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How Impiger’s 360 degree expertise positively impacted a top social app from US


    The client was into developing an app based out of Silicon Valley that helps parents with family management. Their main objective was to help parents prioritize the tasks and split the chores between partners to make life easier. They created tools that could simplify things to fit in a single app instead of having to install 10 different Apps for the same purpose. They have been working with parents for over 5 years and served over 140,000 families across 143 countries.

    The story of a top performing social app in the family and parenting space

    Parents are on the lookout for a tool that coherently handles all areas of their family’s lives: chore creation and management, allowances and rewards, scheduling, setting appointments and getting reminded, keeping the family connected, connecting to other parents for advice, teaching kid’s critical things like how to save for the future, and keeping their family private and secure. The founder’s need for an App to do such things for their own family turned out to be a business proposal and hence the concept for a social app was born.

    The app was focused on three basic needs of modern-day parents

    • Effectively organize and manage the family
    • Raise responsible and independent kids
    • Securely connect with friends and family

    With the vision having become crystal clear, the founders were looking to build a team to get this up and running. Having seen the strengths and capabilities of Impiger, the company reached out with their ask to bring their vision into a mobile app reality.

    The Challenge faced by the client before using Impiger’s App Development and Managed Services

    Neither did they had the necessary workforce to build the app on their own nor were they all detailed out on the dependencies related to keeping the app running smooth for any scale of users. Since the client’s need for an app was the same as thousands of parents, just an app-development was not sufficient for them. There was always more than what met the eye when it came to building mobile apps, especially in social space. With Impiger’s rich experience in not just building mobile applications but also managing it on scale came in handy, where Impiger volunteered to steer the brand clear of any dents related to the app’s performance, security or scalability.

    Impiger got going from building the app from ground up to supporting the team for product enhancements to app maintenance support. In their signature style, Impiger went an extra mile in managing the product’s back-end infrastructure. Impiger took care of end-to-end managed services for them.

    Why the client Chose Impiger

    The first thing that really convinced them to go with Impiger was their demonstration of core technical capabilities in building an app for a scalable environment. Impiger technical teams were able to demonstrate the ideal design solution for their Mobile App.

    The next and the most important reason being, Impiger provided end-end app management support on the below key areas

    • Application Management
    • Remote Infrastructure Management
    • Data Security & Privacy Controls

    Impiger’s proven track records related to managed services performance made it easy for them to make a decision in their favor. Impiger maintained around 90% first resolution in most cases and had stringent SLAs in place that ensured the same. This was done to ensure customer experience (CX) reigned supreme

    How the client used Impiger’s Managed Services

    Since the Social App was used by hundreds of thousands of families from across the world, safely securing the data was an enormous task. They were eyeing on support for security to widen their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service in an aid to protect their end users and networks to resolve incidents at full speed. Cost effectiveness was also on their cards for a fully managed service to support their ever-growing portfolio. The app designed and developed by Impiger was fully integrated with a patented auto containment technology that could protect users from active breach from the likes of ransomware, malware and other types of cyberattacks. This way the client benefited from saving time and money with zero to no capital outlay.

    By this implementation the response time to attend security issues was severely reduced. Attacker dwell time was broken down from a few minutes to seconds improving the time for remediation drastically. False positives were also eliminated.

    The Results

    Parents could stay organized, engaged & informed by using this social app. The client was able to easily change the quality of life for a hundred thousand parents through various activities and tools offer in-app. They also personally benefited from hassle-free technical support. They could offer secure, uninterrupted app usage for beneficiaries With the properly developed and maintained app, they could win the hearts of numerous parents which led to increased brand-loyalty, higher customer retention & revenue realization.

    Standard benefits:
    • Decreased app related bugs and issues
    • Hassle free service desk for customers
    • Featured as one of the best apps in its category on the app stores
    Emotional benefit:
    • Built a network of loyal and satisfied parents.
    • Maintained improved standards of quality for the App.
    • Fostered better relationships with parents by incorporating feedbacks and requests into their App

    If the app development and managed services of Impiger could impress and be of use to hundreds of thousands of people, then the same would apply to you too. Do away with all your doubts by simply clarifying it over a call with our tech team. Figure out the area of support you need and try out our managed services capabilities to experience the highest standard of performance of your functioning.

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