Get Tamper-Proof Data with Our Advanced Blockchain Services

Is the integrity of your data in question? Our blockchain services are here to offer you tamper-proof security through time-stamped transactions and smart contracts. With a network of secure nodes, we transform your traditional processes into transparent operations for 100% data security.

Blockchain technology has become a focal point for businesses across various sectors, spanning manufacturing, supply chain, financial services, insurance, consumer goods, healthcare, life sciences, and the public sector. We help our customers realize a myriad of objectives through blockchain integration, from fostering innovation and ideation to formulating strategic approaches, prototyping, and feature development.

Our 360-degree Blockchain Service Offering

We help businesses unleash Web 3.0 and take advantage of innovative, trustless blockchain networks. Blockchain and DLTs enable enterprises to create, exchange, and manage value, trust, and data and thereby transform the market landscape.

We help our customers achieve positive ROI, taking full advantage of smart contracts and tokenization utilizing the automation and programmability available in smart contracts.

We build enterprise-grade blockchains using blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger, Ethereum, Solana, Corda, Polygon etc.

We offer end-to-end blockchain services ranging from advisory, implementation, change management, to operationalization and application maintenance.

Blockchain Integrations

We have built enterprise blockchain solutions in the impact areas – finance, manufacturing, supply chain, and government services and enabled realizing trust in data and transactions with a cryptographically verifiable, immutable, distributed ledger.
We develop Smart Contracts customized, suiting various industries and business models. This results in establishing the rules, automating the agreements, and inducing transparency between the parties involved.
Efficiency-wise, smart contracts standardize, automate recurring procedures and alleviate manual errors. Apart from smart contract development, we provide smart contract audit services to rectify the risks involved, validate use cases and provide technical advice. We work on optimization aspects such as improving the performance of tokens and managing the private keys in a secure manner.

dApps Development

We create engaging, interactive, robust, scalable decentralized apps catering to various industries. We streamline the business process and automate operations by developing, testing, and deploying smart contracts on different platforms such as Ethereum, Neo, EOS, and others according to the business need.
We offer various dApp development services, from building the application from scratch, dApp Porting, dApp Consulting, dApp Designing and integration, Decentralized Exchange Development to dApp Testing, dApp Upgrade and dApp Maintenance.

dApps Development

01. dApp Consulting

Immaterial of the version of the SharePoint service you use, our team of expert SharePoint consultants helps you navigate through the challenges like a breeze. Our developers and entire SharePoint team are ever ready to support you at all times. Our support services include on prem, cloud or hybrid SharePoint solutions.

02. dApp Designing

Our UI/UX experts and developers aid in creating intuitive and interactive decentralized apps to enhance the user experience. Our user-focused design approach ensures the interfaces are user-friendly and easy to navigate, catering to users of all experience levels.

03. Decentralized Exchange Development

Our UI/UX experts and developers aid in creating intuitive and interactive decentralized apps to enhance the user experience. Our user-focused design approach ensures the interfaces are user-friendly and easy to navigate, catering to users of all experience levels.

04. dApp Upgradation & Maintenance

We are committed to keeping your smart contracts and microservices consistently updated. We ensure your decentralized applications’ continuous, secure, and up-to-date operations.

05. dApp Testing

We test the dApps thoroughly as they are built on complex smart contracts. Our QA analysts ensure the functioning of dApps across different devices, operating systems, and network speeds.

06. dApp Porting

Our dApp porting support extends to all operating systems, with the advantage of a reusable codebase. We migrate your existing application to any blockchain platform that suits the business requirements perfectly.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Development

We help enterprises build secure finance applications, using peer-to-peer architecture to bring about lending, borrowing, insurance, trading, and trustless (trust in the network) execution of transactions in the business.

DeFi solutions we deliver

01. DeFi Exchanges

We specialize in developing exceptionally scalable DeFi exchange solutions that cater to various exchange operations, including margin trading, derivatives trading, and token swapping.

02. DeFi P2P Lending

We provide business-focused DeFi lending platform development services that enable instant loan approvals, calculative interest rates, implementing liquidation mechanisms, managing collaterals and more.

03. DeFi Staking Apps

We develop custom DeFi staking platforms designed to bolster benefits and security for our customers, offering attractive yields determined by factors such as asset value, timeframes, inflation, and various consensus protocols.

04. DeFi Tokens

Our DeFi tokens, meticulously designed for end-to-end perfection, offer transparency in consumer rewards. Furthermore, these tokens can be the foundation for applications that incentivize your customer base.

05. DeFi Stable Coins

To engage community users, we develop robust stablecoins for brands, which can be issued within the DeFi market space to enhance the liquidity of business assets.

06. DeFi Wallet

We leverage the foundational principles of decentralized computing to construct an open transaction framework tailored for an underbanked or unbanked audience.

07. DeFi Voting System

We empower token holders to have a say in network governance, fostering a decentralized decision-making process and ensuring community-driven protocols.

08. Defi Smart Contract

We redefine financial operations by executing code-based agreements, enabling secure and transparent transactions across the decentralized landscape.

09. DeFi Crowdfunding

We build custom platforms that empower projects to access capital efficiently while investors benefit from a borderless, trustless ecosystem, all driven by smart contracts.

10. DeFi-based Asset Management

We build platforms that enable clients to securely grow and control their assets within the DeFi landscape. Asset management strategies can be applied, experiencing transparency and autonomy for optimal financial outcomes.

11. Defi for Insurance

We offer a decentralized approach to insurance, providing users with transparent, autonomous policies and efficient claims management. A secure, self-executing insurance platform empowers nodes to take control of the coverage.

12. DeFi for Manufacturing Industry

We apply DeFi concepts to enable efficient capital allocation, automated payment settlements, and improved traceability throughout the production and supply chain, revolutionizing the industry’s financial landscape.

DeFi Development Process

Explore the full potential of your DeFi concept as our team of experts delves into its opportunities and complexities, offering insights into the benefits and challenges ahead.

After the initial discovery phase, we assist you in selecting the optimal blockchain implementation that suits your DeFi project's needs.

Conceptualize the essential on-chain, off-chain, and core functionalities of your DeFi application through an interactive app prototype.

Applying our deep knowledge of innovative technologies and frameworks to develop state-of-the-art DeFi solutions.

Identifying concealed errors post-development to ensure the delivery of a high-quality DeFi application.

Guarantee the seamless and viable implementation of DeFi solutions while adhering to intricate technological trends and protocols.

DAO Services

We create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) where every project member holds equal governance authority, following the regulations specified within the smart contract.
We ensure complete transparency, mandatory voting rights/ consensus mechanisms, and automated services handling. Assets and votes are managed via code, and there is no centralized control.
We program, develop smart contracts including the DAO functions, which cannot be modified. The immutable system secures the DAO, and all the operations are decided based on the rules of the DAO community.
We provide node development services for DAO functions, which can be utilized around voting on the DAO platform. This node can be deployed to authenticate the DAO decisions that gain self-sustainability.
We offer dApp development services for DAO functions such as wallet for users to yield profits and access trading on DAO.

Primary Components of Decentralized Autonomous Network

01. Open Source Code

Determining the financing timeframe as their initial phase, DAOs remain reserved. After this period, they transition into self-governing entities, accessible to both external parties and their creators, all made possible through the release of open-source code.

02. DAO Token

As you establish the rules for the DAO, the financing phase persists. Throughout this funding period, ensuring that these rules include an inherent feature that fosters genuine economic expansion within the allocated timeframe while facilitating fundraising becomes crucial.

03. Smart Contracts

The DAO relies on the effectiveness of blockchain technology and requires precise guidelines to govern the platform’s operations. These guidelines are fully embedded as smart contracts, ensuring their enduring validity.

NFT Marketplace Development

We empower the digital future of businesses, ensuring a robust online presence through our solid e-commerce expertise and innovative marketplace solutions. We bring together Creators and Collectors, enabling the buying and selling of digital collectibles, art, and assets as non-fungible tokens.
Depending on the business goal and strategy, we build a custom NFT marketplace, i.e., a platform from scratch or use readymade NFT Marketplaces such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare and the like, to instantly launch the platform for businesses. We prioritize security measures to protect user data and assets from evolving threats and vulnerabilities and enable safe token transactions on the market.
Our NFT Marketplace capability is spread across industries and can be created on any vertical based on your requirements, like

Metaverse Development

By capitalizing our extensive AR/VR, Blockchain, and AI know-how, we engineer metaverse-centric blockchain solutions that grant users safe and hassle-free access to a broad spectrum of NFT virtual assets and collectibles.

Top Features in Metaverse Development Projects

01. 3D virtual space

These immersive hubs allow users to interact, socialize, and collaborate in a dynamic and visually captivating environment, obscuring the lines between physical and digital realms.

02. Digital Currency

From gaming assets to online purchases, users can seamlessly transact with digital currency, enabling quick buying and selling across various platforms. Additionally, users benefit from the security, transparency, and global accessibility of digital currency transactions.

03. Decentralization

Users can secure absolute ownership of their metaverse assets and experiences, free from the control of any central entity.

04. Security

Advanced safety features such as privacy measures and ethical standards empower users to enhance the protection of their identities.

Empowering the Metaverse:
Leveraging Blockchain for Development

01. Blockchain App Development

We leverage blockchain technology to increase interoperability and ownership, building decentralized platforms and NFT ecosystems within the metaverse. This allows users to forge profitable economic pathways.

02. Crypto Solutions

We engineer monetary solutions anchored in blockchain technology, facilitating diverse cryptocurrencies’ safe trading and storage. These solutions are fortified with vigilant node-monitoring dashboards, offering users real-time visibility into the status of each digital transaction, thereby ensuring the highest levels of security and transparency.

03. Payment Gateway Integration

Our expert team effortlessly incorporates your selected payment gateway system into the metaverse, simplifying digital currency exchanges and facilitating seamless multi-currency transactions. This integration enhances the overall user experience, creating a more immersive and rewarding environment.

Metaverse Development Stack

NFT/ Blockchains


3D Modeling

AI And Machine Learning

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