Create a decentralized environment for secure tamper-proof, timer stamped data that is managed by a network of computers.

Harness the power of distributed ledger technology for frictionless business
Record validated transactions and data in an immutable ledger in a verifiable, secure, transparent and permanent way with timestamp and other details. As a market leader in the transformation space, we connect partners, leaders and experts from the blockchain ecosystem to explore beyond boundaries. We conceptualize based on each industry standards and stage of maturity to adopt blockchain in their journey.

Our 360-degree Blockchain Service Offering

Impigers major focus is on the enterprise smart contracts sector. Our expertise in smart contracts has enabled us to develop a solution addressing the purchase order management usecase. Our Enterprise blockchain expertise includes
Database Based Solution
Permission Based Solution
Our expertise with cross ecosystems and relations facilitates us to integrate efficiently with your existing services.
Smart Contracts Development
Program contracts to utilize execution for enforceability in a distributed environment. They are codes stored on blockchain that run when a preset rule is met. These smart contracts will be of support for crowdfunding, multi-signature wallets etc.
Smart Certification
A smart certificate helps organization issue and certify any document to loads of recipients in a single click. Designed based on data privacy at its core via blockchain technology that facilitates one click verification.
Smart Transactions
We enable businesses to design the perfect end-to-end digital transactions platform. The platform facilitates payments, remittances and other financial transactions. The system also enables clients with traceability and monitoring of the transactions.

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