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 Poor UX can lead to high drop-off rates and missed opportunities. We integrate creative design thinking with tech expertise to redesign your user experience while making it more intuitive, faster, and attractive.

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Our 360 Degree Design Services

Our end-end design services span through the entire design process, from ideating to executing and maintaining. Our proficient designers orchestrate and optimize your needs for engineering intuitive, personalized experiences by effectively combining design methodologies with next-gen technologies to drive business results.


As an experienced design enabler, Impiger understands the importance of creating a lasting experience. To craft that perfect experience for the users of your application, it is important to first make an effort to understand the ecosystem and the current market expectations.

Our comprehensive design consultation helps you improve your product’s overall usability by implementing the right UX processes, methods, and tools. As an expert in the design industry, we provide a holistic evaluation of products, advice on strategy and training to equip your business with best practices.

Design Consulting Things

The best user experience is at the point where the user’s needs and wants intersect. And we make sure business meets your users at just that juncture.

We strive to link data to design, systems to stories, and insights to outcomes to deliver a holistic beginning-to-end experience considering every detail of the user’s journey.

Putting together all of the research analysis in terms of qualitative, quantitative and competitive items is key to delivering a change that matters.

In order to deliver hyper-personalized experiences, it is important to align the business goals with the target audience.

User Interface


We help create that first best impression about your organization by bringing about a facelift to your UI. Our expertise expands through a varied list of products like websites, software, mobile, and web applications.

In an aid to help achieve your desired design and flawless user experience results, we simplify product interactions and align functionality with user tasks.


To ensure you get the equation right, we explore a variety of rough sketches of layout, element placements and user flow. Based on multiple experiments and user feedback, we arrive at the apt design.


Wireframing is the creation of a digital version of the finalized sketch. It helps designers easily visualize the content structure and layout of the design to plan and prioritize the flow accordingly.

Visual Design & Prototyping

Visual designs are an enhancement to the wireframe structure with added colours, typography, imagery, and other visual elements. Post the enhancements, a prototype is created by enabling a clickable version of the layout to simulate the user flow and experience.

Design System

A good UX doesn’t flow; it’s prototyped. Based on the finalized design, the brand standards with regard to theme, style, font, etc, are added to bring the design to completion. Brand recognition and attention are created at this juncture.



Our capabilities to design include development skills as a part of the design. Without an adequately implemented front-end development, the user experience may fail to achieve desirable results. We don’t just create experiences with designs that solve exact needs but also through development capabilities that help elevate users.

Selecting Platforms

Selecting an apt platform for your project requires a deep technical understanding to relate which functionality can be used for which purpose. With the ever-growing technology world, the selection of a tool is quite a challenge. Impiger helps you with their technical expertise by suggesting the right tool that can aid your future road map.


Collaborative working is key to ensuring quality and timely delivery. To enable teams to work collaboratively,Code is managed using the GIT repository for multiple teams to work in a distributed manner to enable teams to work collaboratively.

Testing & Implementation

Impiger, as a design specialist, understands delivering world-class design and experiences is key to a business. To ensure deliverables exceed expectations, we undertake testing of all kinds, like general testing, usability testing and cross-platform testing.

Usability Testing


As a designer enabler, we understand your need to provide experience doesn’t serve a purpose if the users of the solution find the functionality difficult or unusable.

We ensure that the user experience crafted is put to proper use and brings in the desired result. The characteristics of a good design should be easily usable, accessible, desirable and findable. And this we test from the shoes of a user.

Moderated Vs Unmoderated Testing

A moderated test is undertaken under various scenarios where the subject’s questions and queries are clarified under direct or indirect supervision. An unmoderated test is one which is done without supervision to test, observe, and measure behaviour patterns.

Remote vs Inperson Testing

Based on the subject’s physical presence, the results of the test change. An in-person test helps moderators to note the experience and difficulties of the tester in their physical presence. Whereas remote testing helps to test the subject in their own environment, which aids in revealing more accurate insights.

Guerrilla Testing

Guerrilla testing is undertaken by choosing random subjects like a passerby, neighbour, colleague, or from a public place like a coffee shop, airport, etc. Usually, a wide cross-section of people is tested to have an unbiased result.

Branding Strategy

The success of a design is measured by the ease at which a brand is recognized. A well-recognized brand is one which is well-known, liked, and trusted. A well-satisfied customer builds strong brand loyalty. And that customer satisfaction we do with the help of our experienced design service.

With our branding strategy expertise, we help businesses increase overall user acceptance of the design, service, and features to amplify future audience and growth. Increasing brand reputation and recognition is a no child’s play and comes with a lot of effort and determination.


Branding Strategy Things

Based on all the data gathered and identified, including all sensory experiences and content, a brainstorming session is executed to ideate what would work best for your brand. The idea will be designed around the identified USP and brand vision.

To help your brand stand out, we guide you through a personalized approach to create an identity that truly represents your brand’s vision, goals, mission, and values. We draft the perfect brand guidelines to help maintain the standard and consistency.

In order to create a sense of assurance and credibility, we ensure to maintain consistency across platforms and mediums. The guidelines drafted are specific and exact to make sure the branding is well expressed and maintained

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