From building apps, analyzing data, and automating processes to creating virtual agents, you can do more with Microsoft Power Platform.


Power Platform is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) from Microsoft that enables businesses to analyze, act and automate data and systems inside the business environment. It enables businesses to function efficiently and effectively with the help of technological aids.
The Microsoft Power Platform is an all-inclusive technology powerhouse with everything under a single hood. Build your front end with Power Apps, connect it to a database with the help of connectors, build automation to save time using Power Automate and finally visualize the results for stakeholders using Power BI. Power Platforms are a group of power-packed blocks. Either use it individually or mix and match based on specific requirements to maximize business efficiency.

Our Power Platform offering
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Our Power Platform capabilities extend from consulting to designing and development, customization, implementation assistance, and integration services. We provide adoption support and guidance to cater to 360-degree coverage. Our decades of expertise in the industry help us embrace every product of the power platforms with ease.

Power Platform Components

Power App

Power Apps enables businesses to transform their ideas into custom-built business apps to solve complex business issues. Power apps can create workflows, connect to data sources, and visualize data by integrating with other power platform solutions. Power Apps are a great tool to create and deploy apps in minutes that meet regulatory compliance and are highly secure.

Our Services

We implement power apps to rapidly develop business applications in the Microsoft environment.Our offering extends to the entire lifecycle of the application development from prototyping to full-scale solution engineering by leveraging the power of Azure DevOps and other Azure services to enhance functionality and logic.


Power BI

Power BI empowers businesses to create insights quickly and easily from data and present it in stunning dashboards and report format. Businesses can segregate, aggregate, analyze and visualize data to make informed decisions using the insights derived. The system can connect and integrate with a variety of data sources to gain much deeper and broader metrics. Power BI derived insights are a good fit for data analytics and discovery.

Our Services

Our Power BI services cover a wide range of support driving businesses to achieve more accurate data-driven decisions. Our expertise helps in building highly interactive and real-time data insights in the form of dashboards and reports that are easily actionable by respective stakeholders. We make use of the diverse integration options available to collect data from a variety of sources thereby making sure that the data insights derived and presented are reliable, relevant and actionable.

Power Page

Power Pages are an easy aid to quickly build business websites and pages within minutes thereby enabling businesses to get to the market at a faster pace. Create, secure and design engaging site experiences for customers. These sites or pages designed are scalable, secure, and seamless providing a large variety of business templates to choose from.

Our Services

Our Power Pages offering spans the entire lifecycle of business website creation. Our expertise in the area empowers us to design an engaging and impactful website. Feature-rich tool enables us to design engaging and customized site experience.

Power Automate

Power Automate fosters business process automation. It equips businesses with the power to create workflows and streamline processes by connecting apps, data, and services across the business. The tool can be used to simplify approval processes, automate data entry tasks, and create bots to help with customer service. It is a great way to automate tedious and recurring tasks, thereby giving the employees the much-needed time to do what they want.

Our Services

We work in close-knit to understand the workflow structure and hassles faced during each process to help you with that outstanding automation plan. Our expertise as process automation enablers for ages has helped us to embrace Power Automate with ease. We ensure businesses can automate their routine tasks, approvals, data synchronization, etc end to end and improve their efficiency.
Data Warehousing

Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents extends businesses with the much-needed support to create and personalize bots that can complete tasks using Power Automate. The bots designed using Power Virtual Agents can be deployed across channels and languages. They can also be scaled securely with the help of centralized management. The bots can be used for purposes ranging from providing simple inputs to resolving customer issues that require complex conversational abilities.

Our Services

As a power virtual agent enabler, we focus on helping businesses implement bots into their products and services. Our deep expertise in AI technologies helps us services assist businesses in setting up virtual agents to handle self-service capabilities, improving internal collaboration, and enhancing 24/7 customer support.

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