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Hyundai’s Dealer Management Hits the Fast Lane with HSmart Super App


    Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL), a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Company (HMC), is a prominent automobile manufacturer in India with a rich history dating back to 1996. As India’s first smart mobility solutions provider, HMIL has established itself as a leader in the automotive industry. With a vast network of 583 dealers and over 1,492 service points spread across the country, HMIL is committed to delivering exceptional products and services to its customers.

    The Story of Hyundai Dealer One Hsmart Application

    Hyundai Motor India Limited embarked on a mission to modernize and streamline their dealer activities, aiming to transition away from cumbersome paperwork towards a more efficient digital solution. Initially, the company experimented with managing dealer activities through a multitude of disparate apps, each dedicated to specific tasks such as Sales, Smart Sales Consulting, Video Consultation, and Live Streaming. However, this fragmented approach led to communication gaps and confusion among dealers, hindering effective coordination and organization of dealer activities.

    Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution to unify and simplify dealer operations, both Hyundai Motor India Limited and their network of dealers clamored for a single, integrated super app. This app would serve as an automation tool capable of addressing the myriad challenges associated with tracking, sales, and management within the dealership ecosystem.

    In response to this pressing need, Impiger stepped in to develop the HSmart super app, a robust solution designed to automate dealer activities and revolutionize the way business is conducted across all showrooms and dealerships in India.

    By leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative design principles, the HSmart super app seamlessly tracks and manages a wide range of activities, providing dealers with a powerful tool to enhance efficiency, streamline operations, and drive business growth.

    Development Process in a flow chart

    Challenges Faced by HMIL

    Before implementing the HSmart super app, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) encountered significant obstacles in managing their dealers’ activities efficiently.

    1. HMIL was struggling with managing their dealers’ activities through multiple apps, leading to inefficiencies and confusion.
    2. Dealers were spending excessive time tracking and managing their activities across various apps, which hindered productivity.
    3. Lack of a centralized system for handling inquiries, complaints, and service tracking resulted in communication gaps and operational challenges.
    4. The existing approach of using multiple apps for different activities was not effective in simplifying or organizing dealer activities.

    These challenges stemmed from the use of multiple disjointed apps, resulting in confusion and inefficiencies.

    Why Hyundai Motor India Limited Chose Impiger 

    Hyundai Motor India Limited had immense confidence in Impiger’s capabilities. They chose Impiger due to their impressive track record of successful projects and expertise in digital transformation. Impiger’s portfolio of diverse digital transformation success stories, which included the development of super apps for other organizations, demonstrated their strength and capabilities.

    Hyundai Motor India Limited was particularly impressed by the efficiency and quality of Impiger’s work, which was showcased in these projects. With confidence in Impiger’s ability to deliver high-quality, fully functional, and innovative solutions, Hyundai Motor India Limited entrusted them with developing the HSmart super app. Impiger remained committed to preserving the trust placed in them by Hyundai Motor India Limited, ensuring the successful delivery of the project.

    Revolutionizing Dealer Operations with the HSmart Super App:

    In response to the identified challenges, Impiger emerged as the catalyst for change, stepping in with a transformative solution. The advent of the HSmart super app signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of Hyundai Motor India Limited and its extensive dealer ecosystem.

    This innovative solution serves as a centralized hub, sparking a transformative shift by eliminating the inefficiencies inherent in the reliance on multiple applications. Beyond mere efficiency gains, the super app becomes a catalyst for heightened communication and collaboration among dealers, reshaping the dynamics of their interactions.

    By consolidating various activities into a single platform, the app streamlined operations and enhanced communication among dealers. With features like sales tracking, smart consulting, and video consultations, dealers gained versatility and efficiency. Overall, the HSmart app revolutionized dealer operations, driving success in Hyundai’s smart mobility initiatives.

    Objectives of Implementing HSmart Super App

    To address these challenges and enhance operational effectiveness, HMIL established clear objectives for the implementation of the HSmart super app. These objectives aimed to streamline dealer activities, improve communication, and increase overall efficiency across all showrooms and dealerships.

    1. Migrate all existing dealer apps into a single, comprehensive super app to streamline dealer activities.
    2. Achieve integration of Sales, Smart Sales Consulting, HPromise, and Services into a unified platform for enhanced efficiency and productivity.
    3. Enhance security and compliance measures to ensure data privacy and regulatory compliance.
    4. Streamline operations for core Sales and Service processes, including tracking inquiries, scheduling test drives, handling service complaints, and monitoring vehicle bookings.
    5. Providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for managing dealer activities will increase end-user satisfaction for the Sales, Services, and HPromise teams.

    How Hyundai Motor India Limited Used Super app

    Impiger strategically implemented a mobile version of an app for Hyundai Motor India Limited. The solution was designed for HMIL, considering their requirements. Some of the notable features of the solution are as follows:

    1. Enquiry Management: Dealers can easily create and track enquiries within the app, streamlining the process of managing customer inquiries and ensuring timely follow-ups.
    2. Sales Consulting: The app provides tools for smart sales consulting, allowing dealers to effectively guide customers through the sales process, provide accurate vehicle information, and address any inquiries or concerns.
    3. Pricing and Stock Details: Dealers have access to real-time vehicle pricing and stock details, enabling them to provide up-to-date information to customers and make informed sales decisions.
    4. Test Drive Scheduling: Customers can schedule test drives directly through the app, simplifying the process and ensuring a seamless experience for both dealers and customers.
    5. Video Consulting and Live Streaming: Dealers can engage with customers through video consulting and live streaming, allowing for virtual showroom visits and product demonstrations.
    6. EMI Calculation: The app includes a tool for calculating vehicle EMIs, helping customers make informed financial decisions and facilitating the sales process.
    7. Service Complaint Tracking: Dealers can track service complaints and monitor the resolution process, ensuring timely and satisfactory resolution for customers.
    8. Vehicle Booking Monitoring: The app enables dealers to monitor vehicle bookings and manage inventory effectively, ensuring optimal stock levels and timely delivery to customers.
    9. Pick and Drop Services: Dealers can coordinate vehicle pick-up and drop-off services for customers, providing added convenience and enhancing the overall customer experience.
    10. Automated Notifications: The app sends automated reminders and notifications to dealers, minimizing the need for manual follow-up and ensuring that tasks are completed in a timely manner.
    11. Personalized Dashboard: Dealers have access to a personalized dashboard displaying important information and follow-ups based on customized filters, allowing for quick and efficient task management.
    12. Real-time Reports: The app generates real-time reports with configurable graphs and charts, enabling dealers to quickly identify trends, track performance, and make data-driven decisions.

    Overall, the HSmart super app revolutionized the way Hyundai Motor India Limited manages dealer activities, providing a comprehensive solution that enhances efficiency, improves customer service, and drives business growth.

    Standard benefits

    The successful implementation of the HSmart super app by Impiger brought about a transformative impact on Hyundai Motor India Limited, yielding a multitude of benefits that significantly elevated their operational capabilities and overall efficiency. The following enhanced details provide a more comprehensive view of the positive outcomes:

    1. Operational Efficiency Boost: The HSmart app streamlined dealer operations, saving time and boosting productivity.
    2. Enhanced Dealer Relationships: Improved communication and collaboration strengthened dealer networks.
    3. Comprehensive Activity Management: All dealer tasks were efficiently managed in one place, eliminating the need for multiple apps.
    4. Optimized Maintenance Processes: Maintenance scheduling and tracking were streamlined, benefiting both dealers and customers.
    5. Increased Visibility: Real-time insights empowered dealers to make informed decisions and track performance.
    6. Simplified Tracking: Easy monitoring of activities and targets led to proactive management and improved accountability.
    7. Efficient Communication: Automated reminders reduced the need for follow-up, streamlining communication.
    8. Consistent Quality Standards: The app maintained high standards of performance, reliability, and security.

    Overall, the HSmart super app delivered significant benefits, revolutionizing dealer operations for Hyundai Motor India Limited.

    The Results

    Impiger successfully delivered the project, meeting all expectations and standards. With the HSmart super app, dealers could easily perform their activities without using multiple apps, minimizing the time required. Senior officials could observe their teams being assigned tasks and completing them within a short turnaround time.

    In summary, the HSmart super app not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering a robust and transformative solution that positively impacted Hyundai Motor India Limited’s dealer ecosystem.

    The Success Story & Milestones

    The HSmart super app marks a triumphant success for Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) by consolidating day-to-day activities into a unified platform, eliminating the need for multiple applications. This streamlined approach has significantly eased the burden on HMIL management, dealers, and employees.

    A significant milestone in the app’s journey occurred shortly after its release on the Play Store, as it quickly garnered over 50,000 users within just one week. This rapid adoption underscores the app’s value and effectiveness in meeting its users’ needs.

    Overall, HSmart’s success lies in its ability to alleviate burdensome tasks and provide a seamless experience for all stakeholders involved in dealer management.

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    Sales Team Dashboard

    It’s designed to manage sales-related activities such as creating enquiries, tracking enquiries, smart sales consulting, checking vehicle stock details, scheduling test drives, video consulting, live streaming, and calculating vehicle EMIs.

    The technologies used here likely include backend systems for data storage and retrieval, APIs for integrating with external services like video consulting and live streaming platforms, and frontend technologies for building the user interface.

    HPromise Team Dashboard 

    This dashboard is tailored explicitly for HPromise team activities, which may include managing vehicle bookings, providing vehicle pick-up and drop-off services, and handling customer inquiries related to HPromise services. Like the Sales Team Dashboard, this likely involves integration with backend systems and APIs for various functionalities.

    Service Team Dashboard

    The Service Team Dashboard focuses on service-related activities, such as tracking service complaints, scheduling service appointments, and monitoring vehicle maintenance. Again, this involves backend systems for storing service data, APIs for integration with service management tools, and frontend technologies for user interface development.

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