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Don’t let outdated technology hold you back. Our end-to-end legacy modernization services revitalize your existing infrastructure so that they are 100% optimized, efficient, and ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

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The imperative to modernize legacy application environments has long become an unavoidable necessity for all businesses. With our expertise working with various technologies, we help companies not just survive but thrive with the right modernization strategies.

Our 360-degree Legacy Modernization Services

As a legacy modernization expert, we understand the complexities that come along with legacy modernization. We take utmost care in making your transition a smooth and seamless experience. We enable your organization to stay resilient and future-ready with our legacy modernization services.

Our Modernization service starts with a detailed evaluation of the business landscape to consider the need for modernization by weighing on technical and functional drivers. If the evaluation shows positive signs, then we move on to argue the various alternatives available that may fit the scenario based on the current business condition. Finally, we ensure you choose the modernization option that is feasible, viable and usable for your organization.


Although legacy applications can still perform, they can pose a threat to security and performance. From consulting to architecture rebuild, our end-end application modernization services enable your organization’s digital landscape to be updated with the latest cutting-edge technology to help amplify the scalability, agility, and efficiency of your business processes.


Having systems built on outdated technologies may not be the right choice and a cost-consuming idea. With technological advances, it is imperative for businesses to keep pace with the latest trends. It might be difficult to repair or maintain outdated systems. Hence, the need for technological modernization arises.


From on-prem to the cloud, servers to serverless, we ensure your infrastructure is completely modernized end to end. Through this, we induce unprecedented flexibility, reliability, and scalability. We ensure your apps or systems are updated with the latest code in a newer and more secure language.


With the platform and systems modernization comes the need to modernize data to reap the benefits of real-time data and insights driven by the system for efficient and informed decision-making. Our expertise in business intelligence enables us to help you extract data and view it in modernized and interactive dashboards that are visually appealing.


Impiger’s strong expertise in the user experience field enables us to deliver world-class modernization design services that help you stand out from the crowd and are designed with a future-forward approach.

Our Approach to Legacy Modernization



Those systems that weigh high in terms of technical value but low in functional value are considered to be migrated. Some of the migration options include


Those systems that are high in terms of functional value but low in technical value are considered to be re-engineered. In order to not spoil the effort put in to make it a functionally appealing system, we just make minor changes to the technical aspect to make it strong. We rearchitect the engineering section through various sub-processes like reverse engineering, forward engineering, reconstructing, etc., to make it the perfect system to be put to use by the organization.


Those systems that are both technically and functionally low-performing are considered to be rebuilt or replaced in totality, as they serve no useful purpose for the organization.

Our Success Stories on Legacy Modernization

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