Bridge Physical and Digital Worlds with IoT Solutions

Connect the dots between your physical assets and digital insights with our IoT implementation services to drive real outcomes. From initial implementation to ongoing optimization, we help you unlock the full potential of IoT technology.

Unleash the power of connected ecosystem to accelerate and innovate at scale
Connecting smart sensors, actuators, and other communicators to the internet to perform meaningful data-deriving activities and other processes in the real world is what IoT is. Derive actionable insights to improve operations, reduce costs and maximize growth. From home homes to Industries, make IoT meaningful in all walks of life. We facilitate from a connected user to a connected product and to a connected infrastructure, and finally to a connected operation.

Our 360-degree IoT Service Offering

As an IoT enabler, we understand it is crucial to track and gather data from real time objects to derive meaningful and actionable insights. Connecting these sensors and other communicators appropriately helps in living a better and smarter way of life. Our comprehensive end-to-end IoT services enable organizations to make smarter decisions with these smart products.

Our focus area under the IoT services includes


Smart Homes

Enhance the quality of life through automating and converting into smart devices to stay connected, secure, and intelligent. Smart devices at your home increase reliability and user-friendliness and are easy to maintain. Some of the smart home automation includes wearables, smart TV’s, smart electronic home appliances and gadgets, etc. Impiger’s services help create an interconnected system for your home to manage from the comfort of your smartphone.


Smart Industries

Implement a streamlined process to explore the unexplored area of your industries data to facilitate sustainable operations. As an IoT enabler, we ensure your industry marches ahead of the trends to keep pace with the industry 4.0 revolution.

Smart Enterprises

Leverage big data to enhance business efficiency by connecting people, devices, and processes. Smart enterprises pave the way for easy cloud management, security management and compliance, technical troubleshooting, and support

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