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Don’t let data breaches and inefficient service delivery erode citizen trust. Our solutions ensure the secure management of citizens’ identity data, emphasizing national sovereignty and robust security protocols.

Elevate Public Engagement with Our Holistic Citizen Experience Services

We specialize in modernizing citizen experiences through complete digital engagement, leveraging identity management technologies, AI driven biometrics, and mobile IDs. We help public and government organizations in meeting the growing service expectations of citizens. Apart from the secure registration of each citizen, ID verification and validation helps in reaching out social welfare schemes, subsidies. With a large amount of experience in digital technologies and large-scale ID programs across Africa and Middle East regions, we ensure global delivery alongside large-scale citizens’ identity solution.

Our ID program using the MOSIP Platform accommodates each country’s specific identity needs, providing individuals with proof of identity. Powered by our Biometric Matching and Digital ID technologies, credentials we issue such as National ID cards, Passports, and Driver Licenses, include the most advanced security features as we protect citizens’ personal data/ enrolment data.

Foundational & Functional

We work closely with Governments across the globe to develop and own their national identity systems, serving the development needs of the nation. Bringing about transparency, customisability, and easy compliance, we help Governments to adopt to digital ID systems (eID), modernizing their identity infrastructure.
As ID systems become digital, the identity ecosystem involving many government and private-sector ID systems turn complex with a wide range of identity models and actors with diverse responsibilities, interests, and priorities. From the holistic solution perspective, we collaborate within the global ecosystem engaging as Service Provider, System Integrator, or Technology Partner, catering to the diverse needs.
We build foundational, digital ID systems, that register citizens and provide proof of legal identity. We accelerate the pace of providing proof of legal identity, simplifying the process of accessing basic rights, services, opportunities, and protections. The platform we develop digitizes the identity lifecycle – data capture, validation, storage, and transfer; credential management; and identity verification and authentication.

Foundational Services

In addition, we also help the Governments to develop, implement functional ID systems to manage identification, authentication, and authorization for specific sectors or use-cases. These ID systems range from providing broad, inclusive coverage within the population up to universal coverage.

National ID's

Towards digital governance, we create a seamless bridge between physical ID documents and government e-Services. Dedicated to both citizens and governments, we provide services to issue modern and reliable ID documents that adhere to international and/or local regulations. Specialized in helping governments modernize their public infrastructures, we facilitate eID cards, enabling citizens to securely access e-Services.
We secure identity documents leveraging our deep understanding of document fraud techniques to stay one step ahead. we actively develop new security features to enhance the integrity of cards. Selecting and combining both visual and electronic elements, we create a formidable defence against unauthorized access and data breaches, ensuring that our modern identity cards protect citizens’ data.
Utilizing biometric access control and dedicated in-house security teams, we ensure a highly secure environment for accessing our production and personalization sites. Holding ISO 27001 certification, we offer a very high level of data protection, enabling to personalize documents by encrypting citizens’ biographical and biometric data.

Digital Passports

Our end-to-end digital passport solution includes enrolment, authorization, personalization, and delivery of passports. We leverage multi-biometric data fusion technology (fingerprints, face, iris) to secure the identification and authentication of the passport holder.

Conducting in-depth document fraud analysis and providing support throughout the launch phase, Impiger offers certified components and project support services. These services are dedicated to creating travel documents that are not only secure and functional but also aesthetically appealing.

Our digital passports not only store fingerprints but also come with passport booklets designed for seamless automatic verification, ensuring a fully secured defence against potential fraud attempts. We incorporate e-Passport technology accelerating border control checks, creating a reliable identity infrastructure and border control process.

Driver’s License

We transform the driving license issuance process into a citizen-centric, efficient, and delightful experience. We ensure convenience and data security to future drivers as they navigate their journeys.
Our solution facilitates a seamless experience for drivers to easily apply for, renew, and receive their licenses. We help governments in ensuring that only qualified drivers hit the road, simultaneously mitigating issues related to license fraud and forgery.
Prioritizing security from personalization to enrolment, we securely digitize driver’s credentials on smartphones for a complete, interoperable system covering the entire value chain.

01. Seamless Online Applications

We eliminate the need for time-consuming physical visits through a secure and user-friendly e-Services Portal. Citizens can access it anytime, anywhere, using any device. We facilitate a swift application process by offering pre-populated forms and intuitive guidance, ensuring minimal errors along the way. We empower citizen users by enabling the secure and swift submission of required documents through integrated document upload feature.

02. Fast-Track Verification and Validation

We unlock the power of national identity system for instantaneous identity verification and document validation, eliminating the inconvenience of manual verification delays. The incorporation of biometric authentication adds an extra layer of security, completely eliminating the risk of impersonation.

03. Unleashing Potential through Knowledge

Our solution equips citizens with a personalized dashboard to track their application status, schedule appointments, and stay informed. Interactive learning modules and practice tests are integrated to prepare applicants for the driving test, enhancing pass rates and boosting confidence.

04. Choice and Convenience in Each Interaction

Our solution offers flexible appointment scheduling, allowing citizens to select preferred location and time. Multi-lingual support ensures inclusivity for diverse populations. Payment gateway integration facilitates fee and fine payment which is an accessible alternative for cash transactions.

05. Trust and Transparency Beyond Efficiency

Real-time data and analytics component enables Governments to identify bottlenecks and optimize the process continuously. Key Performance Indicators establish trust and showcase commitment to citizen-centric service.

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