Let's Transform!

What works with transforming is coming together as a group. We believe in team strength, and for that each one of you is important.

Our Culture and
Work Environment

life@impiger is fun-filled, enriching, and loaded with opportunities to learn, grow, and shine. We encourage you to take up challenges and excel in reimagining what’s possible. We are people-oriented and make a difference to everyone we cross paths with. Everyone matters to us, from employees, leaders, vendors, and partners to clients and communities.


We offer impactful experiences to lead the change to bring about a positive working culture and environment. We give utmost priority to your professional and personal life. We care for you through multiple initiatives to provide maximum employee satisfaction. We believe in transforming on a scale.

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Why Impiger is the right place for you?

Ours is a vibrant community of passionate people from diverse backgrounds. At Impiger, transformation happens at all layers beginning with you.

Trusted Working Space

Impiger values each and every individual and ensures no one loses or suffers personally due to a job cut. We provide a secure work environment where each one can trust and work without the fear of losing their job due to any unforeseen event. Even during uncertainties like Covid, Impiger ensured to keep each and every Impigerian on the pay role safe and intact. Our employee retention is at an above-average level as per industry standards.

Opportunities to shine

Impiger provides a work environment that is safe and easy for employees to feel comfortable. Each of you is free to present your ideas to the table and help you develop your ideas into a product, encouraging you to convert your ideas into realities. You are empowered to explore and innovate in your project to make your mark in the business and on your professional career.

Freedom To Explore

You can explore yourselves and try your hands on varied opportunities. At Impiger, you are filled with experiences and opportunities from which you can choose based on your area of interest and expertise. We also help in skilling and cross-skilling your abilities. We build an environment that supports your learning and development curve.

Own your wins

Impiger ensures each effort taken by you is recognized through monetary benefits and appreciation. Impiger follows a proper appraisal schedule to evaluate each of the efforts taken. Impiger has a strict and timely payroll processing system. Apart from these, Impiger also takes the initiative to offer rewards and recognition during each quarter based on individual contributions and achievements.

Celebrations & Other

Impiger is a lively atmosphere where you will not miss an opportunity to celebrate you. Each and every celebration is given importance and celebrated with fun and frolic. We have fun committees to organize events and activities. Apart from all the festivities and notable events we celebrate YOU. You can feel free to bring your individuality and passion to work to express your peculiarity and identity. We recognize your talents and provide a stage to showcase to a wide range of audience through various initiatives like inviting to perform for events, featuring on our newsletters etc.

Women @ Impiger

Women are treated with respect and equal in all walks. We ensure women employees do not face any pay parity based on gender. We are striving to work towards striking a balance to the men women ratio on our payroll. At Impiger, we believe all stand an equal and fair chance at work and in life. We support women at work through providing them with utmost comfort and much needed help to sustain challenges.

Diversity & Inclusion

Impiger is supercharged with a vibrant community of diverse and passionate people. We are a group of collaborative and supportive community that has an inclusive culture and celebrate diversity in all its forms from ethnicity, nationality, race to age, gender, and physical ability. We believe that nurturing inclusivity makes everyone seen, heard, valued, and respected.

Benefits & Perks

We offer a host of benefits apart from an exceptional learning curve to help you maintain a better work- life balance.

Workshops & Seminars

We host a variety of workshops to enhance your mental and physical wellbeing. We encourage participation in physical events like Zumba, Marathon etc. We are more than a family, and that’s why we have a day for you to bring your family and kids to the office to show where and how you work.

Health & Wellbeing

We prioritize your health and offer industry-standard insurance coverage for all our Impigerians and their immediate family. We ensure you remain in your best of shape at all times by conducting annual health check ups.

Time Off

We ensure your work-life balance is strong and offer an assortment of leaves to aid you take the much-needed time off from work for your personal reasons including celebration of life events or parenthood or even for uncertainties.

Sponsor Events

We believe that all our Impigereans are capable of being well-recognized and are our Brand Ambassadors. To bring them to the limelight, we encourage them to participate in tech events and sponsor them for the same. Some events sponsored in the past include AZ azure conference, PTI Golf, etc.

Giving Back to Roots

We encourage our people to donate their skills and time to the society to create an impact in constructive ways. Our belief in corporate social responsibility is strong and therefore implement an and where necessary. Eg. Donated masks during covid times, planting plants near toll plazas on highways, donated electronic gadgets etc.


Maternity leave and back-to-work support are offered to all parents to make their transition a smooth one. We take pride in seeing our Impigerians transitioning through ages and stages of life. And we hold their back through all the challenges that each stage has to give them.

You're Welcome

We have been transforming our people’s professional journey over time which has helped us transform quicker towards our goals. As an organization, we stand by our core values of Transparency, Trust, Togetherness, Honesty & Respect. Together let us digitally transform every organization that trusts and believes in our strengths and capabilities.

Get The Future You Want. Get The Future You Dream Of.
We Make Your Dreams About Your Future Turn Into Reality.

It's been a tremendous honor to journey with the team for 17 remarkable years. From the outset, I've taken immense pride in contributing as a Senior Sales Manager, witnessing our collective growth and success. Every moment has been extraordinary, and I cherish the memories we've created along the way. This workplace has become my second home, where I feel deeply valued and comfortable. As we continue to evolve, I am filled with pride for our achievements and boundless excitement for the future. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for the support and dedication that have made this journey truly exceptional.

Senior Manager Business Development

I've been with Impiger since 2015, witnessing remarkable growth and milestones as a team. I take immense pride in being part of this flourishing organization. The fun activities organized by the HR/CSR team have given me cherished memories and moments of laughter, essential for a balanced work-life. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my boss, the leadership team, and my fellow Impigerians for their support during challenging times. Here's to many more years of success and camaraderie at Impiger. It's truly been an incredible journey, and I look forward to what the future holds for us all.

Senior Manager Business Development

It's been almost 7 years in Impiger for me and I'm proud to be a part of the Impiger family. The best aspect about Impiger is that the organization values 'Hardwork' & 'Quality', making me more responsible at work and motivating me to strive for better results. I have been provided with opportunities to sharpen and diversify my skill set, all of which while helping my clients and also achieving equal employment opportunities. This is a great working space with a friendly environment, and I hold many cherished memories.

Associate Architect

Rare is the office where genuine smiles and eagerness greet each workday, but at Impiger, it's the norm. Approaching nearly five years with this remarkable company, I've been blessed with invaluable treasures: a deeply fulfilling life, cherished friendships, and weighty responsibilities that continually enrich my journey. The trust and camaraderie embedded in our culture transcend the typical workplace dynamic; they create a network of intellectual friendships where collaboration flourishes and support abounds. Impiger isn't merely a workplace; it's a sanctuary of shared purpose, where passion and professionalism intersect, promising growth and fulfillment with each passing day

Raja Ravi Shankar
Program Manager Delivery Management

This journey has been filled with invaluable experiences, growth, and most importantly, the unwavering support that this incredible organization has extended to me, especially during the challenging times. The IT industry is known for its rapid changes and demanding nature, but Impiger has been a constant source of stability and growth in my life. There were moments when personal and professional challenges seemed insurmountable, but the company stood around me with empathy, understanding, and genuine care. Your support gave me the strength to face these hurdles head-on and emerge stronger than ever. Thank you, for being my home, for believing in me, and for supporting me through thick and thin.

Senior Lead

I have been associated with Impiger since 2017. I have joined here as a fresher and currently holding the position of a team leader. The experiences, that I have gained along the way, are irreplaceable and invaluable.I am really grateful to work at Impiger. I find it a place where I can grow together with the organisation. My favourite thing about working at Impiger is the incredible opportunity the company has given me for growth and advancement. They've seen my potential and encouraged me to develop it by trusting me with increasing responsibility, letting me really take on and own tasks and projects. My sincere thanks to the founder, leaders and all my co-workers in our organisation for providing me the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally.

Lead- Testing

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