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Amplified machinery efficiency by multifold for Sarda

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    Incorporated in 1973, Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd (SEML) is the forerunner company of Sarda Groups. They are based out of Raipur, Chhattisgarh. They are into production of steel with captive iron ore. They also manufacture and export manganese based ferro alloys. SEML is recognized by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India. They have acquired iron ore and manganese mines in India. They are looking to own mineral resources across the globe.

    The story of Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd

    Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd(SEML) has a diversified product portfolio to expand customized valueadded products. The usage of machinery is extremely high as most of this work is tough to be carried out with human labor. Since a lot of machines needed to be maintained, they found it difficult to manage all the equipment in optimum health.

    The Challenge of effective Inspection Management before Using Serviere

    The SEML followed a manual process to maintain the status of the machinery. The operator had to register a defect in the register book which would then be observed by the maintenance team during their next shift. This way there was a total delay in the process to be completed and get the machinery run hassle-free. The challenge did not end here. There were also issues related to ownership and tracking of these issues. The maintenance manager’s job did not end with attending to the issue. He had to get manual approval from his reporting manager to consider a job done. This delay in attending to an issue had impacted on business productivity.

    Why Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd Chose Serviere

    Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd was in dire need to change the process entirely so as not to affect the functioning of the business. The downtime that they faced on each machinery was high and that affected the production figures. The SEML was looking for a quick solution but with no compromise on quality. And for this reason, SEML trusted Impiger’s service. SEML believed that Impiger could only be the right fit to get their maintenance activity automated based on the research they conducted in choosing the right service provider

    How Sarda Energy and Minerals Ltd Used Serviere

    Impiger tactically designed a mobile app to raise and assign issues and a web version for displaying dashboards and reports to handle visibility issues for the stakeholders. A multi-level approval system has also been implemented for the use of higher authorities. The system included an issue creation and tracking feature along with approvals from appropriate authorities. Since the dashboards are web-based, it has been dynamically designed to incorporate visual representations like charts and graphs. The system could also automatically send out notifications to all users.

    The Results

    With the Sarada Service Request Management System (a customized version of Serviere), customers were able to easily contact an Associated Service Partner to handle any issues they were experiencing with any of their products. Plus, Serviere had an intuitive and user-centric customer experience, which led to increased brand-loyalty, higher customer retention & revenue realization.

    Standard benefits:
    • Improved machinery health
    • All issues could be easily attended to on time
    • Ability to streamline the maintenance process
    Emotional benefit:
    • Improved visibility to stakeholders
    • Approval seeking simplified
    • Reduced communications on follow-up

    SEML production capacity increased, and the machinery was functioning efficiently in just a few months of implementation. Above all the relationship between the engineers was improved because the task was easily assigned to each one without human intervention. Undoubtedly the system could improve the overall functioning of the company and they could see visible results. Interested in seeing similar positive impacts in your organizations? Get back to us for an expert solution implementation.

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