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Revolutionizing Emami Agrotech’s Distribution Management and Unleashing Dynamic Pricing with Prospere

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    Emami Agrotech is an edible oil and bio-diesel arm of the Emami group of companies headquartered in Kolkata. Emami Agrotech Ltd has diversified its business interests including Edible Oil, Spices, Specialty Fats, Vanaspati, and Biodiesel. They are further expanding their product portfolio in the food space. The factories house well-equipped R&D centers equipped with advanced testing facilities to ensure their products are compliant with FSSAI, EN, and BIS quality standards.

    The story of Emami Agrotech Ltd

    Emami Agrotech is into edible oil manufacturing and distribution.  They have four divisions of production units. Its production capacity is enormous, and a robust system was needed to support its distribution and management centrally. Since the product pricing was dynamic, they needed a system that would support them in calculating the dynamic pricing to quote the dealers. They also faced longer sales cycle issue due to delayed approval process.

    Impiger was their pick based on the confidence that they gained from the interaction with the experts. Emami was able to personalize the solution and easily scale it based on their requirement to support the requests from all the four plants.

    The Challenge before using Prospere

    Emami was facing difficulties managing the distribution process and its pricing allocation system. Since the prices were dynamic and pertained to specific regions calculation had to be altered from region to region. They were not able to complete the sales process in a shorter period due to difficulty in getting approval from various levels. This was not it. They also faced delay in discount approval and lack of transparency in pricing.

    Why Emami Agrotech Ltd Chose Prospere

    Emami Agrotech needed a quick fix for their distribution system to improve efficiency. Emami was impressed with the diverse functionalities that Prospere could offer. Prospere catered to the exact needs of the client from managing the supply chain to providing pricing mechanisms. The system also took care of tracking the field source force and allocating targets. Prospere could also trigger various business critical push notifications via SMS, e-mail, and in-app push notification. The system could also be easily integrated into the systems ERP.

    How Emami Agrotech Ltd Used Prospere

    Impiger weighed on each issue carefully paying attention to nuances and designed Prospere. Prospere also came with a mobile application enabling 60 sales workforce functions and ease the transactions and approval process for nearly 500+ distributors and brokers. The implemented solution could easily streamline the dealer management process across plants. Since the SAP ERP was also integrated into the system, inventory management was also well taken care of. Some of the notable features that the solution includes are as follows.

    The solution came with a web application and mobile application version for both android and iOS. The app facilitated brokers to place and track orders and bids under one roof. The predefined logic enables dealers to place lift requests. It also has provision for workflow approval and managing stock inventory.

    The Result

    Emami Agrotech Ltd could easily see their business transform right before their eyes post our system implementation across plants. The system was designed to be easily scaled as and when necessary. The organization was able to efficiently manage the brokers and dealers easily with a single tool. The functioning of the pricing mechanism was also to the point despite the pricing complication and limitations like discount approvals, reverse auctioning, area-wise pricing etc.

    Standard benefits:

    • Decreased pricing confusions
    • Reduced time spent on approvals
    • Shorter sales cycle

    Emotional benefit:

    • Dealer satisfaction improved multifold.
    • Improved business efficiency
    • Nurtured better relationships with dealers and brokers.

    Emami Agrotech Ltd were satisfied with the performance and transformational benefits achieved post the implementation of prospere. Reach out to us and we will deliver your needs as expected within the minimum turnaround time. Get a custom-made solution designed to perfection just for over a simple call.

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