Deliver results that exceed expectations with a prime focus on quality and speed using an insight-driven approaches.

Our 360-degree Quality Assurance Services

Our end-to-end quality assurance services enable you to deliver, be it anything, software, or a solution in a short turnaround time with exceptional quality. We are just rightly equipped with the skills and capabilities to help you achieve your quality assurance goals. Our testing strategy focuses on automation and business processes to match the growing business requirements. We ensure that applications don’t just ‘work’ but deliver a flawless user experience.

Functional Testing

As a quality assurance provider, we understand that each of the functionalities developed works under logic and that if it doesn’t behave the way expected, the core functionality fails. Our seasoned specialists rely on human intuition and careful observation. Our team of testers carries out thorough manual verification, meticulously inspecting each feature to ensure proper functioning and ease of use. With the power of thinking, we identify and report even minute issues that might be overlooked by automated processes thereby providing maximum protection to quality. With functional testing, we focus on:

Test Automation

Our decades of expertise as test automation enablers help us realize the importance of achieving maximum quality in minimum time. In order to deliver the highest standard of quality, we use cutting-edge tools and frameworks to automate repetitive tasks, increase speed, and ensure precision in testing. We help fast-track your software development lifecycle with no room for compromise on quality. Impiger’s personalized test frameworks include:

Wearables Testing

With the revolution in technology comes the need for related support and services. Now that wearables are a thing of utmost attraction, we ensure that your wearables deliver the seamless user experience you promise. Our Wearables Testing protocols are designed to guarantee optimal performance in real-world scenarios, delivering a user experience that matches or exceeds expectations. With wearable testing, we focus on:

OTT App Testing

As the OTT world sees a transition and growth in terms of users, it is important to be able to scale based on the demand. We specialize in testing OTT applications, ensuring high-quality streaming, seamless functionality, excellent user interface, and robust security. With our OTT app testing services, we help you deliver game-changing content experiences to your users. With OTT testing, we focus on:

Security Testing

With technology being used for the good and bad, securing your software/solution/data isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. We’re dedicated to fortifying your product’s defences with our exhaustive Security Testing services. We go beyond surface-level analysis, delving deep into your application to identify potential vulnerabilities and provide impact assessment and fix recommendations.
Our seasoned experts employ a range of advanced techniques – from penetration testing to identify weaknesses in your security armour to security scanning for known vulnerabilities and risk assessments to prioritize and manage potential threats. With security testing, we focus on:

Performance Testing

Who wouldn’t like to have a product/solution that can perform to its fullest potential? Today, performance isn’t optional – it’s integral. With our comprehensive Performance Testing services, we ensure that your software doesn’t just function – it excels. We meticulously evaluate your application’s speed, stability, and scalability under various conditions, delivering insights that drive optimization.
Leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, we simulate a variety of user interactions and loads to stress-test your system. Whether it’s load testing to understand your application’s behaviour under peak load conditions, stress testing to uncover its breaking point, or endurance testing to ensure its long-term reliability, we’ve got you covered. With performance testing, you can

Accessibility Testing

As a digital transformation enabler, we believe technology is for everyone and needs to be easily accessible for all. With an inclusive mindset, Our Accessibility Testing services ensure your software is not just user-friendly but also friendly to all users. We ensure your product follows globally recognized accessibility standards, considering every user, regardless of their abilities, can interact with your software with ease. With accessibility testing, we focus on:

Mobile Application Testing

In a time where smartphones have become more than a need, your mobile app isn’t just a tool – it’s a touchpoint for your users. Our Mobile Apps Testing services ensure your mobile app delivers a seamless, engaging, and reliable user experience across various devices, platforms, and network conditions.
We provide comprehensive testing covering functionality, usability, performance, security, and compatibility. Whether it’s testing your app’s response to different network conditions, its compatibility with various devices and screen sizes, or its resilience to potential security threats, we’ve got you covered. In the App testing service, we focus on:

API Testing

Being a legacy modernization provider, we understand that API is the backbone of your application, and APIs require special attention. Our API Testing services are designed to ensure your application’s APIs are robust, reliable, and resilient. We focus on validating the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of your APIs, ensuring seamless integration and communication within your software components. With API testing, you get

Why Impiger for your
testing needs

Diverse Testing Approach

From functional and usability testing to security and performance checks, we cover all angles.

Automation Frameworks

(MTAF/ITAF) developed in-house to meet the automated testing requirements for web and mobile apps.

State Of The Art Infrastructure

Impiger has a dedicated testing lab with over 300+ devices to ensure responsiveness and other device related issues.

Global Testing Network

Impiger has testers located in the US, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Australia who are available to do region-based testing for specific client needs..

User-Centric Mindset

We go beyond technical validation to provide valuable insights that drive enhanced user satisfaction and ultimately contribute to the success of our applications.

Exclusive R&D Team

We build custom testing tools to speed up the testing process - generate test data, benchmark comparison etc.

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