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Revamping India’s Largest OTT Platform Through Precision Testing for High-Quality Streaming on Mobile Apps

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    The patron is an online video streaming platform owned and operated by influential tycoons based in Tamil Nadu, which offers content across 6 Indian languages – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi & Bengali.

    As a testing partner Impiger carries out different types of testing on their application across different devices such as Smart Phones, Televisions and browsers from India and International regions.

    About the Client

    The client is an OTT platform whose parent organization is India’s first private Tamil television channel introduced 30 years ago. The OTT extension was launched in 2017, the application originally targeted audience speaking the southern languages, eventually expanding its way into Bengali and Marathi households. It offers over 50,000 hours of live TV content, movies, originals, kid’s content, and music. The application offers a unique audio-visual experience with many features that solely focus on improving user experience. Currently, it has over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and AppStore.


    The main challenge and focus point with regards to streaming content on this application is that there should be zero hiccups. Entertainment being available at the comfort of consumers’ hands is an ambitious project coming with a big responsibility. The client needed to know what issues arise when the app is continuously running on each kind of streaming device (laptop/television/hand-held devices). After a certain point, it is difficult to anticipate what could possibly go wrong. Considering that the brand has a vast audience not just in India but across continents, it was difficult to point fingers at one issue. It could range from anything small to big; identifying and resolving them was a major point of concern.


    Impiger proposed multiple modes of testing as the one-stop solution to all the issues that the client faced pertaining to high-quality streaming. OTT testing is one of our strengths and is pretty much a tailor-made solution in the case of this client’s requirement. Our testing methods ensure seamless functionality, excellent user-interface, and robust security. This medium incorporates many other types of testing such as performance, security, and functional among others. At our mobile testing lab, we tested the application with a variety of 300 devices along with international testers from USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, and UAE, all happening real-time. Glitches could be identified and resolved since the application was thoroughly monitored, regardless of time, date or holidays.

    The Result

    The results definitely went our way and continue to do so, for years together now. As of date, the application has over 10million downloads and an average rating of 4+, being testament to its quality.

    Most of the issues that it posed in the beginning are all non-existent now, providing assurance of its streaming quality. Continuous testing and monitoring shed light even on the smallest of issues, facilitating efficient resolution and consequently improving user-experience. This translates into both tangible and intangible profits, from the brand perspective.

    • Enhanced user experience
    • Faster time to market
    • Improved security
    • Stronger brand value

    Our testing team at Impiger is always on its toes, ready to work on your applications and help enhance them. We offer a range of services within the broad term of testing. Reach out to us and you could very well discover exactly what you have been looking for elsewhere.

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