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Enabling AAI to reach heights in infrastructure maintenance

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    Airport Authority of India is a statutory body working under the civil aviation, Government of India. They take care of everything related to civil aviation infrastructure in India from creating to managing, upgrading, and maintaining. They provide Communication Navigation Surveillance / Air traffic management services over Indian Airspace and adjoining oceanic areas.

    The story of Airport Authority of India

    Airport authority of India wanted an effective method to manage their tasks. They were not interested in the traditional paperwork method. They tried to implement the same through WhatsApp. This temporary method could not get the management of task simplified or organized. All that AAI needed was an automation tool to solve their problem of issue tracking and assets management which was missing. Impiger helped automate the inspection process by developing a solution called Inspicere by personalizing it to fit specific requirements related to aviation industry.

    The solution included a web and mobile application to track and manage issues across all terminals of the Chennai airport and conduct preventive maintenance based on requirements.

    The Challenge of effective Inspection Management before Using Inspicere

    Airport authority of India had trouble maintaining their infrastructure at the Chennai Airport. The area to be focused on was large and a proper follow-up system was missing. They lacked an issue tracking system. What’s App was being used to track issues which lacked traceability and transparency on the status of the issue. It was not feasible to check or conduct periodic auditing/Inspection. The system was in total chaos which led to inefficient management of the infrastructure. The airport was in dire need of an automation solution to improve the condition of the infrastructure. Failing which the operational efficiency would have been affected.

    Why Airport Authority of India Chose Inspicere

    Airport Authority of India had gained tremendous confidence on Impiger’s strength. They were awe struck with the kind of transformations that Impiger had carried out in the past. Impigers clients digital transformation success stories are wide and varied. These stories portray the efficiency and quality of work by Impiger. Impiger made sure that the trust AAI had was well taken care of and maintained by delivering a quality, fully functional, innovative transformation solution.

    How Airport Authority of India Used Inspicere

    Impiger strategically implemented a web and mobile version of App for Airport authority of India. The solution was designed specifically for AAI keeping in mind their requirements. Some of the notable features that the solution includes are as follows.

    The AAI executives could perform inspections, validate checklist, capture images, raise tickets and notify respective engineers through the solution. The solution helped to escalate incidents with minimal human intervention by sending reminders and alerts. The system could also notify senior officials about incidents which were not attended to within a set period through push notifications on SLA breach.

    The management could generate various reports based on various criteria to take decisions easily. Management could also have a personalized dashboard that would display important information’s based on search and filters. Real time reports summarize information through configurable graphs and charts to quickly identify trends and take necessary managerial decisions.

    The Results

    The management of airport authority of India could automatically sense the results once the system was in place. They could watch engineers get assigned their tasks and get worked on the issue within a short turnaround time. The escalations and alerts were also happening just as expected. In toto there was a much organized and streamlined inspection process happening.

    Standard benefits:

    • Decreased maintenance costs
    • Reduced the number of escalation calls
    • Improved operational efficiency
    • Ability to manage all the open tickets from a single dashboard.

    Emotional benefit:

    • The workers were leveraged to work at their maximum capability.
    • Maintained ambitious standards of quality in maintaining the infrastructure at the airport.
    • Nurtured better relationships with employees and their supervisor.

    The transformation of Chennai Airport is fully visible to the naked eyes just by looking at the cleanliness and properly working infrastructures and amenities. Our continues support and dedication could help the Airport authority of India gain better customer satisfaction in terms of cleanliness and functionality. You can transform your organization just like AAI by just giving us a call or reaching out through an email. And we are ever ready to satisfy all your needs.

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