Cloud Challenges and Considerations for SMBs

Most small and medium business heads realize adding technology-based solutions like the Cloud can transform their businesses. However, most SMBs don’t necessarily have the right internal IT resources or expertise to utilize technology innovation to the fullest. A significant challenge in 2016–2017 for most decision makers of SMBs considering a Cloud program is lack of expertise! According to a detailed

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5 Considerations for Small and Mid-Size Business When Deciding to Go or Not to Cloud

Small and medium size businesses (SMBs) have started to adopt Cloud-based solutions for meeting their day-to-day unique needs: the reason being lower costs, simplified data management and anytime, anywhere access. Nevertheless, implementing a Cloud solution can be tricky compared to planning the same. It requires meticulous planning, strategy and right partner to go Cloud successfully.


5 Mistakes Enterprise Heads Must Avoid When Planning for SharePoint Intranet Deployment

Employee engagement does matter and deploying a SharePoint intranet solution to your enterprise is a proven strategy for better employee engagement, productivity. Nevertheless, failing to focus on the top 5 don’ts when considering a SharePoint intranet deployment could prove dearer for your enterprise.


SharePoint On Premises vs SharePoint Online: The Right Way For Enterprises [Infographic]

SharePoint is a Windows server-based collaborative platform that organizations use to store, organize, share, and access their information from any device. There are two ways to deploy SharePoint – online and on-premises. This is not to forget that enterprises can always choose to combine online and on-premises SharePoint into a ‘Hybrid’. The following infographic covers the differing characteristics of the
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4 Reasons How a Mobile App Can Boost Ecommerce Business Revenue

With smartphones and mobile applications predominantly consumed by end users, there is no surprise in ecommerce and m-commerce industry investing in mobile applications are alluring the online customers. Mobile ready websites no longer serve the ecommerce or m-commerce needs and mobile apps are the finest choice to stay tuned with customers 24/7 and leverage sales.


Mobile App Adoption Across Different Industries and Its Benefits

Boosting the customer rate and ROI is the top most concern of most industries and there is a common element that has enabled business heads to accomplish that. Mobile applications. The arrival of mobile application has transformed the way every industry works. Industries powered with this advanced technology have already started delivering maximum benefits to customers.


Complaint Management App: Make Infuriated Customers Realize They’re Being Heard!

Complaint Management App: Make Infuriated Customers Realize They’re Being Heard! Be it a products/services company, managing customer complaints every day is challenging. Nevertheless, dealing with infuriated customers and handling customer complaints seamlessly is critical for business success. Well, of course, your business may be utilizing the best tools like emails, social media and web pages, spreadsheets for dealing with complaints,
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Sitecore Personalization with Impiger: Steps to Create a Custom Conditional Rendering Rule

Sitecore is an amazing platform offering plethora of benefits to businesses, vendors, end users. The robust platform provides enterprises with some amazing options that no other platforms offer. Customization and personalization are two distinct advantages that isolate Sitecore from other content management systems. Here in this post we will explain how we created a custom conditional rendering rule for a

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Mobile Apps for Employee Engagement: Practical Advice and Key Takeaways

Organizations that initially focused on engaging customers with their businesses are now slowly turning to employee engagement strategy to improve profits. From a survey and research study, it is proven that companies having better employee engagement savor improved customer retention and profit rate by at least 200% compared to those without.


The Importance of IoT Solution for Oil and Gas Industry

The evolution of Internet of Things (IoT) has revolutionized the world and companies adopting this technology are delivering better performance.  Recent to join the bandwagon is the oil and gas companies.

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