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Outdated systems have multiple bottlenecks, not one. And maintaining on-premises servers can be expensive and resource-intensive. Leverage our cloud services to make your infrastructure scalable, robust, and efficient.

Our approach to adopting cloud includes a series of processes that begin with an intense consultation followed by strategizing and optimizing infrastructure for the migration. We assist you to engineer, migrate, and manage making it a successful shift. Our Cloud Capabilities extend to

Transform Your IT Infrastructure with our 360-Degree Cloud Services

As a cloud enabler, we understand that it’s quite a challenge for businesses to reap the real value of a cloud transformation without proper implementation. That’s why Impiger acts as a catalyst to facilitate continuous modernization, improved efficiency, and increased agility to optimize performance, functionality, and cost of cloud implementation. Our deep domain expertise enables us to handle private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
Our cloud services encompass 360-degree coverage from consulting, architecture design to infrastructure configuration, implementation, and maintenance. Leveraging the tools like Jenkins, Gitlab CI, Atlassian, and more we are trained in implementing a variety of CI/CD software solutions. Our experts have hands on expertise in developing custom APIs for cloud-to-cloud migration. Our integration service includes as-a-service models of diverse cloud providers, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and AWS Cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Our cloud consulting services begin with a proper analysis of the ecosystem and the products. We help you ascertain your vision to support with the right strategic roadmap and initiative. We enable you to reap maximum value from your investment by utilizing the power of the cloud in the right method and proportion. Our orchestration strategy helps you minimize cost, streamline delivery and ensure optimal performance, high reliability and security. Our consulting services include

Cloud Migration

Cloud migration is a critical process that is a key driver to achieving your digital transformation goals and enhancing growth opportunities. Hosting and keeping the application running without affecting the business requires deep expertise and knowledge of the subject area. Impiger’s expertise helps organizations to seamlessly migrate to the cloud without any noise. We are equipped to assess, plan and migrate in any circumstance to support a smooth transition. Our migration process includes

Cloud Management
and Monitoring

Just a smooth transition into the cloud does not mean a successful shift to the cloud. We empower you to monitor, manage and maintain all your hosting, including infrastructure and applications, to ensure proper functioning. Our cloud Managed services capability includes

System Integration

As cloud enablers, we understand the power of connected and interoperable systems for a streamlined and efficient workflow. We streamline multiple cloud-based systems with local resources to create a single interface to enable easy data flow between systems.

Cloud Infra Optimization

Cloud adoption improves your operational costs but, at the same time, can eat up a whole chunk at the time of setting up if not properly strategized or implemented. We, as a cloud enabler, ensure our clients are empowered with the right size and type of cloud adoption by analyzing and optimizing cloud consumption for a sustainable and profitable future. Our Cloud infrastructure services include

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