7 Reasons Employee Engagement is Gaining Importance

Maheshwari Vigneswar

Of late we hear a lot of things like employee experience, employee satisfaction, employee engagement, and so on. Why is there a sudden focus shift towards employees? All this while, organizations were trying to motivate employees with rewards and benefits. These benefits could get the employer to be satisfied. But this employee satisfaction benefited only in the short run and a decline was seen in the performance when the benefits were withdrawn.

On the lookout for long-term progressive motivation is where the concept of employee engagement arose. Employee engagement is now being adopted in various organizations because of the endless benefits that it has to offer. There are several surveys and research that have been conducted over time and found employee engagement to be beneficial. And like adding fuel to the fire, the pandemic has made the situation such that employee engagement is the need of the hour. A study revealed that 21% of people are more productive when engaged.

Benefits of employee engagement

  • Improved productivity

Productivity and engagement are directly proportional in relationships. A fully engaged employee can give his 100% towards work. On the contrary, a dissatisfied employee is seen to underperform. Maximum productivity can mean maximum returns in terms of revenue for the organization.

  • Better collaboration and interaction

With employee engagement activities there is a better rapport between the team members. A team that works together stays together. A personal connection is established between them to make the place a very comfortable place to work.

  • Increased trust and self-satisfactio

With employee engagement comes a big deal of trust being accumulated. When an employee starts to feel trusted his attitude changes and initiates efforts to maintain the trust and works towards optimum results. With better results comes better satisfaction.

  • Better customer retention

Only a self-satisfied person can serve to satisfy others’ needs or wants. With a satisfied employee in hand, a satisfied customer can be the result because the employee is in a clear state of mind to look into all the possible issues and fix them for the customer. This way customer retention can be maximized.

  • Positive work environment

A happy ripple is created within the organization, and it all starts with YOU. A happy self leads to a happy team. A happy team leads to a happy leader. And a bunch of happy leaders leads to a happier organization. And this same energy flows in the opposite direction as well, thereby maintaining a positive work atmosphere and mental well-being for the employees.

  • Market recognition

Branding and market recognition are key to an organization’s growth. Growth and recognitions work hand in hand. As the organization grows its reputation increases. And similarly, as the reputation increases the company grows. So, to fuel both these aspects, employee engagement is the mantra of success. A good employee–engaged organization is well- recognized in the market and people seek opportunities to work in such organizations.

  • Align towards business goals

Employee engagement activities are used as an opportunity to align the entire organization towards a common goal. Only when there is a clear understanding of the destination can a ship captain steer towards the appropriate direction. Similarly, the goals and objectives need to be clear at all levels for the journey to be smooth and easy.

Employee engagement makes the employee develop a feeling of belonging thereby making them take that extra mile to complete their tasks. It helps to build on the culture revolving around the employees’ benefits. It enables them to be their own self and be free to express their thoughts and emotions. Companies lose nearly 20 to 25 % of their profits due to disengaged employees as per a stat. This is not it. Just 5% of engaged employees could increase the operating income by 0.7%. Isn’t that an amazing thing to look for?

So, what are you doing about including strategies for employee engagement? What changes are you making to improve your engagement results? What are you doing to create a culture of engagement in your organization? As a first step, start by getting in touch with us to know more about our Intranet portal which can help with employee engagement constantly.



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