5 Tips to Enhance Your Intranet Solution

Maheshwari Vigneswar, Suresh, Srini

Suresh Thyagarajan, Saravanakumar

An Intranet Solution is a web-based tool used via an internal network primarily for sharing information and collaborating with coworkers. Just as important as it is to have an Intranet Solution it is equally important to choose the right Intranet Solution that suits your requirements. Even though there are a lot of readymade tools available in the market, it is especially important to consider customizing the Intranet Solution to fully satisfy the company’s expectations.

Impiger has varied experience in personalizing Intranet Solutions to best suit the company’s needs. As you consider personalizing a tool for your organization it is important to know how to design your requirements to make the system fully efficient. With the strategic design, we can get the solution to perform at maximum efficiency. Here are some tips to enhance your Intranet Solution.


Personalization is the greatest hook to get people involved and interested. Just like personalizing the intranet portal to suit organizations’ needs, it is necessary to provide personalized dashboards to ensure users with a unique experience. Impiger’s Intranet Solution dashboard is designed to provide a tailored home page with a lot of informative content displayed right on the face of it.

Enhance communication tools

The Intranet Solution should be provisioned to enable communication in both directions and at all levels. The system also needs to be provisioned to communicate in multiple ways. Everyone must be given an opportunity to voice out and feel heard. As per a survey, nearly 45% of employees say it is easier to collaborate with coworkers through new intranet tools. That is how comfortable it is to have an intranet in place.

Impiger’s Intranet Solution has a vast variety of communication tools designed to collaborate and socialize among employees, both professionally and personally. For personal engagements, we have provisions to wish employees on their birthdays, anniversaries, etc. And for professional engagements, we have employee recognition space and awards to celebrate small and big wins.

Empower digital workplace management

Integrate a variety of digital workplace tools to make sure all the resources are found under a single umbrella. It does not necessitate for the employees to move from tool to tool to perform various tasks like logging their time or requesting leave etc. Based on a survey 44% of respondents reported that they use between 1-3 digital workplace tools daily to do their jobs that are not adopted by their company. Impiger’s Intranet Solution comes fully loaded with tools that facilitate digital workplace and employee management under a single roof. We have things like a leave management system, seat allocation across campuses etc.

Ease of use

The Intranet Solution needs to be made simple such that it is easy to use. The intranet tool in itself must be inviting for employees to use with ease without any hassle. An efficient search button is mandatory to easily navigate and nail down items on a page. Rather than scrolling through 100’s of content. 85% of respondents noted faster access to information as a significant intranet benefit. Impiger has taken an effort to strategically design their intranet tool to be easily navigated without much complication.

Scope for expansion and integration

The tool must have the option to integrate third-party apps or expand the tool to cover missed areas in the future. Any tool for that matter needs to be considered for future expansion and appropriate provisions need to be made. For eg, If for some reason a need arises for the company to include attendance register then the system must be able to easily integrate with the ERP to pull data.

Considering these things in your intranet design personalization will help the solution to be used with maximum efficacy. To include such strategic designs and more in your intranet portal or to recreate a brand-new solution reach out to Impiger to get your personalized Intranet Solution in place. You can also remodel your legacy system into a fully loaded, robust portal.



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