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Propelling a Pioneering Indian Watch Line through the Smart Wave

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This four-decade-old Indian manufacturing line primarily focuses on fashion accessories such as watches, jewellery, and eyewear. For a traditional luxury brand that it is, the company has begun to produce smartwatches, keeping up with the current global trend.

Impiger plays its key role in testing the wearables across multiple mediums, checking each aspect of the products minutely

About the Client

The client’s business entity started off as a joint venture between the Tata Group and a non-banking financial company based in Tamil Nadu, commencing its operations in 1984. It is the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world and has perhaps evolved into a household name in India. While their watches have gained most traction all through the years, their jewellery, eyewear, perfumes and other products are also significant contributors to the brand’s annual turnover.


The brand has manufactured and produced all kinds of watches and wearable, catering to various kinds of consumer across age groups, gender, and occupation. However, their produce has majorly been traditional analog watches, and over time, digital ones. In this era of smartwatches and data syncing, they had to up their game and get aligned with what’s on demand. As an amateur smartwatch-manufacturer, they had to be careful and simultaneously creative at every step of the way, so that their name remains eminent in the market. It had to be ensured that their latest makings were perfect before being displayed for sale.


Meeting the client’s requirements meant that the wearables had to go through multiple levels of testing to ensure they were of a certain standard. Impiger’s testing team is reputed for its qualitative work and we ensure that the wearables deliver the seamless user experience they promise. Our Wearables Testing protocols are designed to guarantee optimal performance in real-world scenarios. It starts with careful evaluation of functionality of the smart bands, smart watches, and the corresponding mobile applications. The usability, performance metrics, and data accuracy are tracked based on influencing parameters such as age, weight, height, gender, location, etc. Comparative analysis is conducted with other brands to check data accuracy. Simultaneously, battery consumption is monitored on an hourly basis.

The Result

The testing approach implemented for wearables proved to be highly successful. Qualitative measures taken by the testing team resulted in zeroing in on the smallest of issues and tackling them well on time. Comparison of similar products gave an insight into accuracy of data, paving the way for further improvements and developments.

  • Full insight into all the technicalities
  • Enhanced user experience
  • High user-ratings and positive reviews
  • Brand value maintained and/or increased

Overall, the kind of scrutiny and attention to details that goes on as part of the testing process leaves room for negligible to no glitches. If you have a similar challenge/requirement, be assured that Impiger has the right solution for you; we are just a phone call away.






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