Supplier Portal


Are you looking to onboard and manage your suppliers in an efficient way?

Mercatere helps businesses promote supply chain growth and flexibility through data-driven decisions. You can perform a wide range of functions from onboarding suppliers to placing orders. Mercatere also helps from digitizing documents to managing compliance effectively.

An integrated solution to streamline procurement and enable efficient end-end vendor management.

Managing supplier databases is backbreaking for organizations as it involves many data entries, follow-ups, and other data, including pending orders, job work, receipts, and shipments. Especially, SMEs spend almost 50% of their time and effort managing end-to-end suppliers due to manual vendor management systems.


Implementing Impiger’s supplier portal (vendor management system) will streamline, simplify and improve the communication between your business and vendors. Digitalizing the supplier management process will help your business save time, effort, and cost staggeringly.


Today thriving organizations are moving to our innovative supplier portal solution to improve the business-vendor relationship and efficiency.


Quirky features that transform your existing vendor management process.


View quick updates on broadcast and specific messages; drill down for details.

Manage purchase order

View, update filter, acknowledge, and download PO data from a list.

Check material status

View, update, filter, acknowledge and download material dispatch data.

Evaluate material needs

View, filter vendor data in the list and download data in CSV format.

Create inspection report

Enable vendors to create two types of inspection reports.

Create ASN

Enable interaction between buyers and vendors with ASN and track shipment.


View, filter and download receipt data from a list.

Include Acceptance

Add rejected, conditionally accepted, corrective actions against each item.

Set up ratings

Create monthly, and item-wise rating and download result in CSV format.

Display finance statement

Enable staff to check/download the present, and previous month’s transactions.

Include representatives

Enable vendors to create their representatives within the portal.

Share feedback

Help vendors to share feedback in the portal for process improvement.

Set up reference

Find and manage supplier company profile information using reference guides.


Mercatere focuses on helping your business automate the entire process between you and your supplier, from purchasing to maintaining payments, making the process much more reliable and trustworthy.

User-friendly interface

Both vendors and businesses can access the portal seamlessly.

Improved supplier-business communication

Streamlined communication between suppliers and staff.

100% Transparent process

It brings transparency to the process to improve operational efficiency.

Badge suppliers

A badge for every supplier to distinguish verified/unverified suppliers.

Quicker check-in process

The faster and more seamless check-in process for vendors.

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