Do you want to transform your infrastructure’s operation and maintenance as a priority?

Inspicere is what you need to consider. With Inspicere you can set up recurring inspections, track progress, create tickets, and retrieve detailed reports, all from a single click on a single system.

Hassle-free system to manage inspection in real-time - from anywhere, any time.

Inspection management plays a vital role in companies focusing on employee safety and product quality. Continuous assessments and managing inspections involve a lot of time and effort. Also, manual checks are expensive. To mitigate the challenges organizations implement next-generation inspection management systems to improve efficiency and reduce cost.


Leveraging Impiger’s innovative inspection management system will enable your workforce to assess, create, document, and manage inspections with minimal efforts. Also, the end-to-end solution will help organizations to reduce risk and ensure regulatory compliance.


Say goodbye to laborious manual inspection processes and leverage our next-gen inspection management system to bring transparency to the entire process.


Key features to enhance operational efficiency and ensure safety.

Manage users

Enable administrators to manage user information via modules.

Manage inspections

Assess, inspect and ensure materials conform to the latest regulatory norms.

Report issues

Report issues on incidents, products, and services for corrective actions.

Manage facility

Identify areas in organization premises that need repair or investigations.

Manage escalations

Ensure issues are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Utilize dashboard

Enable staff to access real-time live reports to save time and cost.

Manage master data

Collect, compile and organize inspection data and make it easier to access.

Popup notification

Alert users via popup notifications about information and task updates.


Our strategically designed inspection management system houses a ton of benefits that are clearly visible to the naked eye. There are certain intangible benefits too, which can be reaped in the long run.

Centralized data storage

A centralized data repository to eliminate data loss.

Save time and cost

100% Automated inspections to save time and costs.

Speed up operations

Reduce overhead costs and workloads by automating inspections.

Simplify data access

Send out information to all stakeholders in seconds.

Ensure transparency

Bring visibility to every stakeholder involved in the inspection process.

Ensure safety

Report incidents instantly to ensure workforce and building safety.

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