System Integration
Impiger partners with Uganda govt to
e-govern world bank funded govt schemes via biometric-based MIS & e-pay systems
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Legacy Modernization
Impiger makes Web-Tech reengineering a seamless experience for one of the world's leading automotive manufacturers
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Low-Code Applications
Impiger’s MS Power Apps Enterprise Solution enables a Big Four firm to transform the digital solutions
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Robotic Process Automation
Impiger’s intelligent automation solution eliminates redundancy for a leading insurance provider
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Impiger designs, builds & scales
edu-tech platform on bespoke cloud-native microservices architecture
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Mobile Development
Impiger-built cross-platform mobile app is an AppStore favourite in parenting & household productivity
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Our 360º Service Offerings

In the world of business realities, no scope is out of scope. The digital age has brought with it new challenges and opportunities for businesses. Organizations must be agile and responsive to change to stay ahead of the competition. Achieving the desired results requires going above and beyond the envisioned path. It may require rethinking processes, adapting to new technologies, or partnering with other organizations. Whatever the challenge, businesses need to be prepared to go the extra mile to realize their strategic vision.

Digital Engineering

Conceive and deliver a digitized environment from applications to platforms by leveraging data and technology, focusing on faster time to market.

Customer Experience Services

Infuse exceptional customer experience to elicit positive emotions whilst offering a holistic approach.

Managed Services

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Product Engineering services

We catapult your on-demand product and platform asks focusing on cutting-edge technologies.

Your Growth Tools

The right tools help you solve your business challenges when they can adapt & scale at the shortest turnaround times. Our imperative has been in building such a bouquet of customizable solutions


Your Growth Tools

The right tools help you solve your business challenges when they can adapt & scale at the shortest turnaround times. Our imperative has been in building such a bouquet of customizable solutions


Our Reach

With the technological developments in the digital age, our ability to transform companies across industries has grown with time. Our expertise serves to be strategic, impactful & specific to each of our client’s visions.

" The real risk in today's world is not of technology displacing human labor but of companies failing to transform fast enough to stay ahead of the competition."


Our Confidence

For close to two decades, we’ve been enhancing the digital transformation journey for many of the world’s best companies. The confidence gained in return has enabled the various dimensions the clients can engage further to be completely prepared for the future.

Product Engineering Services

Accelerating & streamlining on-demand product-centric solutions at the shortest turnaround times

Managed Services

Proactive and predictive services for a zero-incident approach keeping business-as-usual

System Integration

Offering reliable, turnkey solutions for business continuity that cover all the bases, from hardware and software to infrastructures


Effectively enhancing the quality of on-demand offerings by being the partner of choice in the ecosystem


Infusing relevant & highly skilled consultants across key domain areas for ensuring operational effectiveness






Partnerships & Certifications


Our clients experience with us

Here is what our happy customers have to say about us.

Life @ Impiger

We celebrate our people. 

A sneak peek into Impiger’s value and work culture.

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  • Suresh Thiyagarajan
  • Posted by Suresh Thiyagarajan
September 18, 2023

Organizations are constantly challenged to keep up with the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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  • Suresh Thiyagarajan
  • Posted by Suresh Thiyagarajan
August 24, 2023

Impiger Technologies, a pioneering leader in technology solutions, is thrilled to commemorate its 19th anniversary, highlighting a remarkable journey towards excellence and innovation.

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  • Suresh Thiyagarajan
  • Posted by Suresh Thiyagarajan
July 25, 2023

With an incredible display of technological prowess and visionary insights, Impiger Technologies made a lasting impression at the prestigious "Crux of 2023 Tech Trends" event organized by NASSCOM.

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