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Pawankumar Rao

Senior Vice President Engineering

Pawankumar has served more than 20 years in the software engineering domain. His expertise is spread across verticals from fintech to manufacturing. With a bachelor’s degree from MIT, Manipal, and Senior Management Program from IIM Ahmedabad, Pawan has honed his technical skills to keep himself updated and to stay ahead of the trends. He has also had brief stints in marketing, designing control systems in the VLSI space in association with alumni from IIT Madras and IISc.

As the senior vice president of engineering, Pawan will handle the strategy for technology platforms partnerships, and external relationships. He will lead the development of the next-generation architecture and infrastructure that’s foundational for both business and team expansion. He will oversee the operations of the engineering department and guide them in aligning towards the business goals. He is keen on grooming the next generation of engineering students, by conducting workshops and mentoring his tribe of people with his technology expertise.

Pawan’s strategic decision-making skill comes from his passion for sports. He is a state-level athlete and a district-level football player. He also enjoys exploring new cultures, music, reading, and practicing spirituality.