5 Cutting-Edge Trends in Mobile Application Development

Maheshwari Vigneswar (Authors)

Have you ever thought about when was the last time you came across a business or service provider without a mobile application? It is difficult or minimal to spot a business without a mobile application. Mobile applications have become a common necessity for any enterprise. Mobile Applications these days are used for a variety of functions that keep advancing and the needs keep growing.


It is imperative for businesses to keep pace with the growing customer expectations. And for that, it is vital to understand and analyze the trending changes before deciding to modernize. To make your job easier, here are some benefits to look for by modernizing or including advancing technologies.


1. Improved Business Efficiency

With the inclusion of advanced features, businesses can improve their efficiency by automating processes and providing real-time data and insights. Improved efficiency, in turn, leads to maximized profits.


2. Better Customer Engagement

When your app is designed to incorporate modern-day facilities, customer needs and satisfaction are met. You have a better edge in engaging and interacting with customers more frequently and effortlessly. Providing a personalized experience is also a cherry on the topping.


3. Enhanced Accessibility

As technological advancements widen, the scope for accessibility improvises. Apps devised in the recent past are designed to ensure inclusivity, thereby enabling easy access to all.


4. Competitive Advantage

Standing amongst the crowd cannot help you get the much-expected traction. It would be best if you gained a competitive advantage by standing out from the crowd. Adapting to newer and trending technologies helps you gain the upper hand.


5. Improved User Experience

Keeping updated on the latest trends enables you to offer a seamless experience, thereby leading to increased user satisfaction and loyalty. Enhanced UX also paves the way for improved brand recognition.


Research by Jmango shows that users in the digital domain spend 90% of their time on apps and only 10% on using the rest of the internet. With the users spending such a long time in apps, isn’t it necessary for us to keep our customer expectations fulfilled? Let us have a look at the current advancements that are trending in the industry.


Here are some key trends and advancements to consider while designing your mobile applications.


  1. AI and ML – Integrating advanced technologies like AI/ML adds wings to your application to perform out-of-the-box capabilities.
  2. 5G Technology – Getting your apps to align with the advancing network technologies is important to enabling faster data speeds and secure connections.
  3. IoT – Ensure to integrate IoT capabilities to be able to automate and share data within systems.
  4. AR/VR – With customer experience on the rise, it is crucial to have AR/VR in the app to provide a world-class customer experience (CX).
  5. Chatbots and Virtual Assistants – In the fast-paced world, it is essential to provide immediate information or services to your app users. In order to help you enable fact processing and servicing, personal assistants and chatbots come in handy.
  6. Incorporate Social media Integration – Ensure users have social media integration to improve connectivity.


Today it is not sufficient if you just have a mobile app. It is important the app is upgraded and modernized with the above-mentioned trends to function efficiently. So, ensure to include the latest advancements to keep pace with the business continuity needs and user expectations.


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