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[boc_testimonials style=”small” is_3d=”yes” auto_height=”yes” css_classes=”owl-controls-none”][boc_testimonial author=”Jesse Rapczak , VP – Production” author_title=”Exigent”]“Impiger has been able to take our vision of internal production workflow and realize it with their expertise in communication platforms. The proprietary system they have developed allows us to be organized and efficient without making compromises on usability and unneeded features that plague other commercial and open source solutions. We wouldn’t be where we are without the valuable partnership we established with Impiger!” [/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]
[boc_testimonials style=”small” is_3d=”yes” autoplay=”yes” auto_height=”yes” css_classes=”owl-controls-none”][boc_testimonial author=”Ash Maurya, Founder” author_title=”Wiredreach”]“Impiger has always been able to seamlessly scale up or down to match our development needs with on-demand software development. Their initiative, design ability and quality of work has been excellent. We easily forget that they are not employees of our company. They have been a great partner and really care about our success.” [/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]
[boc_testimonials style=”small” is_3d=”yes” auto_height=”yes” css_classes=”owl-controls-none”][boc_testimonial author=”David” author_title=”SMS Auto-Mobile Reply”]“Well I have to say, you guys make a great team!! The Blackberry application was approved yesterday afternoon, and I am excited to say that I hit the “Post for Sale” button five minutes ago. I’m sure we’ll be working again soon on revisions, and if this takes off, on a similar app for the Droid as well.” [/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]
[boc_testimonials style=”small” is_3d=”yes” auto_height=”yes” css_classes=”owl-controls-none”][boc_testimonial author=”Lynn Lee” author_title=”Director of R&D at Wasp Barcode”]“Impiger Technologies has been that partner since 2013, our relationship started when they did a great job building the Wasp MobileAsset App for Android and iOS. Impiger continues to be an extension of the Wasp team and we are glad to have had their consultancy and technical expertise from start to finish with AssetCloud.”[/boc_testimonial][/boc_testimonials]