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Impiger’s Sales Dialer is a cloud based sales engine on the web and mobile. It is a three-in-one system that delivers voice calls, SMS and emails to your target customers.

Our ‘call center on the cloud’ is used by over 500 customers and fetches phenomenal ROI. The scalable solution has an inbuilt CRM, automated IVR, and can dial over thousands of simultaneous calls and ensures agents are on live calls all the time.

  • The solution increases mass marketing efficiency by 80%.
  • Detects and filters the ‘no answers’, disconnected and busy lines but drops pre-recorded messages on answering machines automatically.
  • Stay in touch with prospects throughout the sales process with automated email follow ups.

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  • Automated IVR
  • One-click reporting
  • Subscriber management
  • Inbuilt CRM to manage campaigns
  • Change phone numbers dynamically
  • Dynamic predictive dialer solutions
  • Cloud based system
  • Broadcast recorded voice message
  • Intelligent dialing based on agent availability
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Solution Pushes up lead conversions by 80%
Solution Huge return on investment
Solution Dial thousands of simultaneous calls
Solution Track individual campaigns for effectiveness
Solution Intelligent business reports
Solution No infrastructure costs