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Impiger’s omni-channel retail solutions streamlines your value chain for more opportunities Impiger’s retail ‘Product as a Service’ help businesses with marketing and loyalty, store operation management, m/e-commerce, customer relationship management, and business intelligence and analytics.

Our solutions can be customized to specific needs, challenges, and business goals. It also includes enterprise planning and analysis to procurement through warehousing and beyond. Impiger is a trusted partner for every step of a retailer’s business cycle.

Impiger’s retail solutions/products help with better customer engagement – first, with mobility and then our omni-channel solution increases in-store foot traffic, detect customer presence, grow online purchases from the web and mobile, provide data, and analytics on the web, phones, tablets, wearables.

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  • Product catalog  On-the-go mobile solution for your customer that allows users to browse by category, guided by multiple images and product descriptions.
  • Business Intelligence – imPower BI The solution is designed for retailers who want to make data driven decisions and get real-time business insights via reports and interactive dashboards.
  • Order and delivery management Impiger’s order and delivery management solution is a web and mobile application that organizes order, delivery, payment, billing, inventory, and much more – anytime, anywhere.
  • In-store customer presence detection Impiger’s customer presence detection solution detects customers’ in-store presence and provides assisted shopping experience that is unparalleled.
  • Video customer support Our solution combines the personalization and helpfulness of in-store shopping with the comfort of online shopping using real-time communication technology.
  • Mobile POS Improve the checkout experience by making it the entire process fast and easy for the customer as well as the cashier.