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Impiger’s mobile workflow extensions of SAP ERP modules to mobile allows your on the move executives to access ERP data, approvals, inventory, sales, purchases, workflows securely.

For an organization to become more agile, efficient, and effective it must acknowledge the fact that more and more employees are working in roles away from their desks and provide them the tools that give them actionable information.

  • Workflows enable operational excellence at the palm of your hands.
  • It lets end users to make better decisions, increase transparency, and respond to calls to action immediately.
  • Get real-time access to ERP data anywhere and on any device.

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  • Access control
  • Disposition approval
  • Collect feedback
  • Collect signatures
  • Issue tracking
  • Improve productivity
  • Automate business processes
  • Extended workflows to mobile
  • Integration with SAP based ERP workflow to mobile
[boc_heading alignment=”center” color=”#0f73b6″ margin_bottom=”30px” css_classes=”benefit-text”]Benefits[/boc_heading]
Solution Improved efficiency
Solution Greater visibility
Solution Faster decision making
Solution Greater flexibility
Solution On the go actionable data
Solution Reduces cycle time of important processes