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Impiger’s mobile barcode scanning solution allows you to turn any tablet or mobile phone into a barcode scanner and then record and track any asset.

Paper based accounting, tracking, and verifying of assets is now a thing of the past. With the advent of smartphones, barcodes can now be read by mobile devices, making it easier than ever to obtain information about any object that carries the code.

  • Impiger’s mobile barcode scanning solution can be used at your retail point of sales systems, on manufacturing production lines, as well as to track assets in warehouses, ticketing solutions, price checkers.
  • Once the code is scanned, the software at the backend can customized to systematically add data entry on a database and trigger flags for automated or manual follow up actions.

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  • View and download reports
  • Print barcodes using Bluetooth printers.
  • Create and audit inventory asset records
  • Audit assets to verify your database accuracy
  • Transaction modules such as check out, check in, move, dispose
  • Uses the mobile device’s built-in camera to scan asset barcodes
  • Assign due dates, maintenance – record completed maintenance
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Solution Eliminates paperwork
Solution Increases accuracy
Solution Improves productivity
Solution Cost-effective
Solution Aids automation
Solution Aids decision making