Our QA engineers interlaced with our developers ensure quality of your applications at all stages of the development process Impiger’s mobile app testing services is focused towards helping our clients to provide their users a consistent experience with applications while ensuring features perform seamlessly in any mobile device, network, and signal strength. We help you derive and maintain business value by creating the right mobile testing strategy based on proven testing methodologies and best practices.

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  • Tested
    250+ consumer and enterprise apps tested across iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, and Hybrid apps.
  • Thorough
    Strong knowledge of different platforms, device specifications, vendor specific features, and regulatory compliance to HIPAA, PCI, FDA etc.
  • Types
    We cover all bases with Functionality, Usability, Compatibility, Performance and Accessibility testing, respectively.
  • Tools
    Apache Jmeter, Monkey Talk, MTAF, Robotium, Selenium WebDriver, UIAutomator, and a leading edge in-house automation framework.
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  • 250+ consumer and enterprise apps delivered across platforms like Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Experienced and skilled testers specialized in testing native, HTML5, and hybrid mobile apps
  • Mobile app testing includes verification of functionality, usability, compatibility, performance, and accessibility adherence
  • Strong knowledge of different platforms, device specifications and vendor specific features which would affect apps
  • In house automation framework to provide mobile automation services at ease for native android apps
  • Testers with Python and Java coding skills help automate portions of monotonous manual efforts
  • Well-supported infrastructure of Blackberry, iOS, Android, and Windows devices
  • Services across specialized industry verticals with complete regulatory compliance to HIPAA, PCI, FDA etc.
  • Expertise across major automation and performance tools including Monkey Talk, UIAutomator, Robotium, Selenium WebDriver, and Apache Jmeter
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[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=” /download-ebook-mobile-app-success-formula/” name=”Free EBook – Unfold Your Mobile App Success Formula” title=”” picture=”29385″][/boc_person]
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