If you have an idea to validate through a prototype, a software product you need to develop, an existing product that you need to optimize, test or maintain – our product engineering services can help you accelerate your business transformation rapidly.

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  • Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud
    Impiger helps align the needs of consumers and businesses, and leverage SMAC channels with an all-inclusive approach to meet evolving demands and behavior of the market.
  • Mobile Engineering Center of Excellence
    We have the right people with the right mix of experience who constantly look for innovative solution to challenges and whatever app you need, Impiger can help you bring your mobile innovation to life.
  • Agile Execution
    Impiger’s agile execution practices tackle the challenges for a seamless product delivery & sustained roadmap.
  • Continuous Integration
    We embrace continuous integration practices, which involve a high degree of engineering discipline and process stability to successfully build, test, and release the software product at the right time.
  • Testing Practices
    Impiger helps product companies with comprehensive testing services which ensure that the desired user experience and expected business values are delivered.
  • Issue Tracking Practices
    Impiger leverages cutting edge tracking tools to capture and organize issues, assign work, and follow team activity.
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