Leveraging the Internet of Things can bring remarkable convenience to your personal life and your business.The Internet of Things is the connection – via the internet – of objects from the physical world that are equipped with sensors, actuators and communication technology. Smart devices at our homes increase reliability, user friendly, better and maintenance and can be managed from a single smart device. In industries smart tools increases are transforming the way enterprises work. Impiger develops apps for new technologies that extend the scope of the mobile device.

[boc_person circled=”yes” name=”Wearables” title=”” css_animation=”top-to-bottom” picture=”37472″]Wearable technology gives more scope, value, and usefulness of accessories like watches and wrist bands. Impiger recognizes the potential of the platform and is focused on developing enterprise and consumer applications for wearable technologies.[/boc_person]
[boc_person circled=”yes” name=”Home Automation” title=”” css_animation=”bottom-to-top” picture=”37473″]With the possibility of connecting different devices to each other and to bigger systems multiply, Impiger provides automation services for our homes to create an interconnected system that can be managed from our smartphones.[/boc_person]
[boc_person circled=”yes” name=”Enterprise IoT” title=”” picture=”40684″]Businesses can realize the significant benefits by incorporating connected products and services into their business model. Impiger can help you build applications that leverage RFID tags, iBeacons , and much more which can create more value and lead to revenue growth.[/boc_person]
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