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Smartphones with Impiger’s geofencing solution ‘Location Logic’ uses GPS location based triggers to assert physical permissions and restrictions for vehicles and other assets in the world of atoms.

Location Logic interweaves the physical world with the digital. The app opens up a world of new ‘phygital’ engagement opportunities to fit your needs.

  • Based on location, the solution can trigger a range of service logic for a particular vehicle.
  • It fences off a pre-defined area and co-ordinates the entry and exit of vehicle fleets based on the dynamic needs.
  • It can assert the pre-conditions set through a number of ways including notifications, email alerts, and vehicle access governors.

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  • Automated triggers
  • GPS map integration
  • Analytics of fence breaches
  • Customizable trigger events
  • Issues temporary and permanent passes
  • Integrates with RFID, biometric systems
  • Customizable pass date and time settings
  • Understands behavior models of your fleet
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Solution Get more data points from your assets
Solution Provides improved security
Solution Better fleet management