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[boc_heading color=”#333333″ background=”bgr_single” font_size=”35px”] Upcoming Events[/boc_heading]
[boc_heading color=”#333333″ background=”bgr_single” font_size=”35px”] Past Events[/boc_heading]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://indoafrica-ictexpo.telecomepc.in/” target=”_blank” name=” Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2016″ title=”” picture=”35270″]Meet us at stall #83 in Indo-Africa ICT Expo 2016. Learn how we demonstrated our expertise in mobile, web and cloud for businesses.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://dallas-summit.org/” target=”_blank” name=”Dallas Tech Summit – October 7th” title=”” picture=”35980″]Join us at the Dallas Tech Summit.  Santosh Ahuja, Director of Architecture will be presenting and/or stop by our booth.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://gitex16.mapyourshow.com/7_0/exhibitor/exhibitor-details.cfm?exhid=691479″ target=”_blank” name=”GITEX – October 16-20″ title=”” picture=”35981″]Stop by booth Hall 6 MAC6-38 and learn how Impiger and our Partner Zebra Technologies can boost your customer’s retail experience.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://info.ciosynergy.com/ciohouston2016/” target=”_blank” name=”CIO Houston 2016 – October 27th” title=”” picture=”36565″]Drop by our booth at CIO Houston on October 27th.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://www.cloudcomputingexpo.com” target=”_blank” name=”Cloud Expo – Nov 1 – 3″ title=”” picture=”35978″]Come visit us in booth #109. Join Impiger Director of Architecture on Wednesday at 3:40pm as he talks about Secure Media Access in the Cloud.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://lasvegas.enterprisemobilityexchange.com/?utm_medium=portal&mac=EMIQ_events_EOI_Title_Listing” target=”_blank” name=”Enterprise Mobility Exchange – Nov 14-16″ title=”” picture=”36566″]Impiger looking forward to engaging with executives at the Enterprise Mobility Exchange in Las Vegas[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”https://gdssummits.com/cmo/digital-us/” target=”_blank” name=”CMO Digital Leaders Summit December 7 – 9″ title=”” picture=”37390″]Impiger collaborating with marketing executives to help them Become Real-Time Relevant[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”https://www.zebra.com/us/en/events/retail-zebra.html” target=”_blank” name=”National Retail Federation Expo: Jan15-17, 2017″ title=”” picture=”37927″]Impiger exhibiting at NRF with partner Zebra in their booth, #1603[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”https://www.thesmallbusinessexpo.com/event-view/dallas/” target=”_blank” name=”Small Business Expo: Jan 18, 2017″ title=”” picture=”37928″]Come see Impiger in Booth #409 and attend our workshop: 5 Steps You Need to Take to Build a Successful Mobile Application for your Business[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=”http://www.vistage.com/event/2017-dallasft-worth-executive-summit-hosted-by-vistage/” target=”_blank” name=”Vistage Executive Summit” title=”Driving Dynamic Decisions” picture=”39337″][/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=” http://www.vistage.com/event/2017-austin-vistage-executive-summit/” target=”_blank” name=”Vistage Executive Summit, April 12″ title=”” picture=”39863″]Join us at the Vistage Executive Summit in Austin and learn how to make difficult and big business decisions no one else can make.[/boc_person]
[boc_person flat_img=”yes” href=” http://www.vistage.com/event/2017-san-antonio-vistage-executive-summit/” target=”_blank” name=”Vistage Executive Summit, April 13″ title=”” picture=”39864″]Join us at the Vistage Executive Summit in San Antonio and learn how to become a chief problem solver by refining instincts.[/boc_person]