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Impiger’s application consulting and strategy services can help you speed up your expedition to the cloud. For all our clients, our consultants have worked closely to assess their applications for the cloud, decide on the right platforms for them and identify the cloud strategy and roadmap for their business transformation and growth.

Our services

  •   Cloud consulting services Impiger’s cloud consultants are highly skilled and well versed in setting up all types of cloud platforms. We have successfully helped many businesses in driving cost savings, scalability, security, and compliance for their mission critical applications.
  •   Cloud strategy and roadmap Impiger designs, develops, and implements cloud solutions for enterprises across an array of industries. Our broader perception has provided many of our clients with unparalleled insights into how business leaders use the cloud and what is necessary to leverage its complete potential.
  •   Readiness evaluation  Impiger assesses and documents businesses, determines cloud readiness, performs audio, and assesses readiness for implementation of the cloud services. We understand this and make sure that migrating to the cloud works for our client in their own environment.
  •   Cloud suitability of assets For businesses, there are multiple cloud service models to choose from. These include IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. There are many deployment models also including public, private, community, and hybrid cloud. Impiger can verify which applications and IT assets are most appropriate for cloud migration.
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Apart from offering some of these amazing services, Impiger successfully crafts revenue generation models for all its clients, evaluates ROI though cloud, and chooses the right cloud platforms and deployment models for them. Over the time, we have helped businesses in using the cloud for several analytics operations and run the business capabilities. It enables organizations in moving rapidly into new and challenging markets and raise capital for their modernization initiatives. Depending on your business needs and stage of the cloud journey you are in, we can offer you best services that will give you flexibility and an economical advantage.

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