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Impiger has developed many practical applications that provide a roadmap towards migrating to the cloud. Our applications maintain stability, safety, redundancy, and functioning support for support and applications. Our application development standards are the best in the industry because we cover all bases.

Our services

  •   Learning the language of business Impiger helps them in understanding the language of the business they are working with thus making them more involved in business applications. We understand about technologies that can resolve various business issues and help cloud engineers in adopting those technologies.
  •   Disaster recovery, high availability, and business continuity Impiger helps in creating an architecture where data can be kept safe and disaster recovery strategies can be maintained for significant workloads. We help organizations in knowing operations and how the cloud environment behaves.
  •   Applications, security, and the end-user As many services and applications are being delivered using the cloud, there are more reasons to worry for security of data and assets. The end-user is now utilizing two or more devices to access their data and the application delivery process is becoming even more important. We understand these security challenges and develop secure applications.
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Demystifying the cloud
Cloud Migration Strategy
Cloud Case Study