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Make real-time, data-driven decisions with Impiger’s business intelligence solution – imPower BI. It is designed to assist executives with real-time business insights via reports and interactive dashboards.

A store making sense of a wide variety of its daily data points like revenue, P&L, COGS, inventory reports, employee attendance, online conversions and much more, can bring about a world of difference, particularly on your balance sheets with imPower BI.

  • The solution provides flexibility for mobile users to generate and view custom reports
  • Mobile friendly dashboards and delivers interactive charts and graphs with drill-down business insights
  • Supports online and offline information visualization on smartphones and tablets

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Solution Make better and faster decisions
Solution Get real-time updates
Solution Empowers collaboration and communication
Solution Get holistic view of key metrics of your business
Solution Eliminates decision fatigue
Solution Compatible on web, tablets, and mobile